The Benefits of White-Hat Guest Posting For SEO

Imagine the number of marketers toiling daily to boost their search engine optimization (SEO). Getting recognition from search engines amongst millions of others fighting for space in the SERPS is no mean feat. Fortunately, there are practical, highly effective tactics to use. User-friendly, high-quality, and relevant content is a time-tested tool that works. Not only do audiences love to interact with such content. But, quality content significantly improves the chances of getting high-quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Posting quality content on the website is the first step in SEO. Take it a step further with white-hat guest posts. That’s the practice of writing content and actively seeking other websites to publish it. But, it must be in a way that is ethical and doesn’t break the search engine guidelines on guest posting.

So why bother when paying websites or engaging in reciprocal publishing arrangements to publish content is possible?

High-Quality Backlinks with White-Hat Guest Posting

One of the rules to follow with guest posts is to look at the host’s website authority. Only seek guest posting opportunities on sites that are reputable and relevant. The site providing backlinks matters. The search engines will attribute higher authority to such, thus higher chances of better rankings.

An editorial link from a site like Forbes, Reader’s Digest, or the Guardian is a sign of endorsement from these highly reputable sites. It is a sign or vote of confidence that the linking website is trustworthy. If you need more clarification about a website’s authority, check out one of the free or paid online tools.  

Higher Website Traffic With Guest Posts

When traffic to a website is high, it sends a strong signal to the search engines that the site is popular and provides valuable content to audiences.

The search engines analyze:-

  • User behavior signals such as bounce, stay, and click-through rates. For instance, the longer people stay on a page means they are interacting with the content, thus a show of value.
  • Social signals like comments, likes, and shares
  • Referral traffics in the form of backlinks signals trust and authority
  • Brand signals are based on strong brand recognition. For instance, when audiences search for the brands using the name or relevant keywords, it shows trust or preference.
  • Repeat visitors show content value to audiences.

Guest posts are an excellent white-hat link-building tactic that redirects audiences to relevant websites. For instance, Forbes readers already trust the site. Thus, they are likely to click on backlinks that interest them. The more people click on the guest post link, the higher the traffic to the linking site.  

Improved Online Reputation with White-Hat Guest Posting

Trust is a critical component in the online space. Research shows that 70% of customers are more likely to buy from brands they trust. 61% will recommend the brand to others, while 41% will join loyalty programs.

Guest posting on high domain websites is a fantastic way to establish authority on specific niches. Further, it builds credibility and trust, which can open up partnerships, speaking engagements, and collaborations. 

Higher Reach and Exposure

A significant advantage of guest posting is the availability of an existing audience. The hosting website already has followers who interact with the site. Thus, finding backlinking opportunities exposes the brand to more people, among them potential customers.

It can even break down barriers to reaching specific demographics or markets. Leveraging the hosting site’s audiences can result in better brand recognition and awareness.

Take advantage of backlink checker tools to see the quality of backlinks. That will go a long way in determining the value and ROI of the white-hat link-building techniques.  

Networking and Relationship Building with Guest Posting

Reaching out to hosting websites for backlinks is an excellent networking and relationship-building exercise. There is high value in such relationships outside of high-quality backlinks. By adding value to their sites, there is the chance to build connections for beneficial partnerships in the future.

Brand or name mentions from people with a solid reputation can do wonders for the brand. Take the example of a Forbes editor endorsing a brand simply out of a relationship nurtured through guest posting. The chances of their readers looking for more information on the mentioned brand are much higher. Further, it is an endorsement of credibility and authority. 

White-Hat Guest Posts Help with Link Profile Diversification

In white-hat link building, quality trumps quantity every time. It is better to have few but high-value links. But there’s the other side of diversifying backlink profiles by getting links from different, reputable sources. Guest posting provides an excellent way to go about it without incurring penalties for manipulative or black hat guest posting tactics.

Getting posting opportunities on different, reputable sites is a show of trust and relevance. Diversifying the link profile to different channels will increase organic traffic from various sources, thus, a wider reach.

Optimize For Search Engines with White-Hat Guest Posting

White-hat guest posting is excellent for getting quality backlinks leading to increased website traffic. Beyond that are an enhanced online reputation, broader reach, more exposure, and relationship building. Finally, it helps avoid black hat guest posting tactics that can lead to severe penalties from search engines.

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