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When you bring your business to the internet world and create an online presence in the form of a website. So, you need to grab the attraction of visitors to your blog or website. It is very arduous task for a newbie; you can also get the help of professionals.

Professionals put lots of efforts to make popular your site and increase traffic to your site. There are so many online marketing activities in the internet world such as article submission, directory submission, image sharing, profile creation, social bookmarking and many others. Directory submission system is one of the most powerful systems among the other search engine optimization tasks.

It is made especially to get more backlinks to enhance the ranking of the website on the search engine result pages. And the improved ranking has proven helpful to bring unlimited free traffic to your blog or website.

The directory submission is a well designed task of SEO where anyone can submit their blogs or websites and build a significant number of backlinks. There are various directory submission sites available on the web, which provide a giant platform to submit your blog or website and generate backlinks.

This process is not a child’s game; it requires huge efforts and the online marketing professionals put their great contribution to perform this task successfully. Many professionals aware with the process of directory submission and know how to submit website or blog in the dofollow directory submission sites, but if someone is a newbie, so it is difficult for him to submit the website. Today, we share the basic steps to use these submission sites.

How to Use Directory Submission Sites

  • Firstly, find out the high page rank directory submission sites to perform this task.
  • Choose one by one site to submit your directory or blog.
  • Sign Up in the website by providing a user name, password.
  • Every site has some guidelines, so before the submission read guidelines carefully.
  • Click on the submission section, and then appear the submission box.
  • Submission box contains the category, sub category and submit your site options.
  • Fill all the options one by one, never miss the sub category.
  • After the category and sub category, insert your website link into submit your site option.
  • Now, click to submit the website. You will get the message like “Submission Successful”.

All the above points give you the exact way to submit your website or blog into the directory submission sites. If you follow all the steps one by one, definitely you will finish your task in an easy and speedy way.

In the entire process of directory submission, you must aware with the category and sub category, if these two sections are not relevant to your website or blog, so it will ruin your image on the search engine.

Directory submission sites come with huge benefits; it will change the overall reputation of your website or blog. See, how these sites are helpful to establish identity of your website or blog.

Benefits of Dofollow Directory Submission Sites

  • Find the top quality backlinks for your website.
  • It helps to optimize the anchor text simply.
  • Enhance the search engine rankings.
  • Enhance traffic to your site or blog.
  • Improves the popularity of your site or blogs worldwide.

All these benefits show you the significance of directory submission sites in the SEO tasks. So, don’t wait to make popular your site, just choose the high page rank directory submission sites and submit your site or blog. In this way, you spread your business everywhere and create a strong identity among the visitors.

High Quality Free High DA Directory Submission Sites 2023

Types Of Directory Submission

Do you know what free directory submissions are? If not, then do not worry because most people do not know. Even when I first heard about it, I was also confused. Basically, directory submission is the website that helps store information about your business. So, you can say that it is a simple process to add the websites into the web directory. Then, whenever a person searches about some product or service, it will show your business in the listing.

It is the off-page SEO technique that you can consider choosing. It is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your website and generate more traffic.

Different Types of Directory Submission

Here I have mentioned some different types of directory submission that you can use to list your business. It can be the best way to improve your ranking on SEO.

  1. Free directory submission- Are you looking for a free dofollow directory submission? If yes, then it is the directory submission that you can choose. But it does not guarantee you anything related to the approved link by administering. It can also be time-consuming.
  2. Paid directory submission- If you want to list your business on this directory, then you will have to pay the owner for the submission. It will create fast backlinks. The paid form of the directory can offer you the best benefit. You can get the package yearly or even for a lifetime.
  3. Reciprocal regular web directory listing- If you want to use the reciprocal regular web directory listing, you need to submit the reciprocal link to activate the link in the directory. Then only, the administrator of the directory will approve the link.
  4. Automatic Directory Submission- You may have understood from the article that it is the directory where you can use the tools and software to submit the directories.
  5. Manual directory submission- It is the type of directory submission where you need to use the directory manually. Not a single search engine encourages manipulative ranking efforts.
  6. Nofollow Directory Submission- It is a conversion type of directory because, through this, the ranking of your website does not increase. That is why before you choose any directory, you need to think that whether you want to choose a nofollow directory.
  7. Dofollow Directory Submission- It is the directory I used when I first started writing the blogs. It helps improve the ranking of your blog and helps in getting SERP.
  8. Niche directory submission- It is the directory that i9ncludes scripts, blogs, and software, web designer, SEO companies, Web hosting companies, and many other businesses. The directory is dedicated to a specific subject only. The more the frequency of your link, the more visibility it will get and increase your website’s ranking.

FAQs About Dofollow Directory Submission Sites In 2023

The directory submission sites happen to play an extremely important role in increasing the traffic as well as boosting the search ranking of your particular website. This surely is one of the most effective and well-proven methods that are to be used by the SEO.

The directory submission method is also as cost effective as it is efficient as it is able to attract traffic to your website without having to spend huge amounts in the advertisement or promotion of the website.

This method surely is a blessing to all the new bloggers and website owners who wish to increase the popularity of their website.

There surely are a huge number of article submission websites that are available on the internet that provided you the opportunity of submitting the high-quality articles.

This will also help in shooting up the search engine rankings high and bring the traffic to your website without having to make any kind of extra efforts in this aspect.

This process surely is one of the most effective methods that you will ever come across off in order to achieve the ranking that you desire.

Does Directory Submission help to Improve the Website SEO?

Yes, Directory submission is really working to make your business on top in search engine. I Have also added the list of directory submission sites where you can submit your business information and earn the quality link.

Keep one thing in mind is that provide the correct information about your business, then you can get the more benefits with this seo off page technique.

How Can I Boost Traffic to My Website Through High DA Directory Submission?

As we have already had a view about how these directory submission websites can easily help the new bloggers and website owners in order to boost up their traffic and popularize their website among the different audience that will be visiting the article submitting websites.

A huge number of experts suggest that in order to bring decent traffic to your website all you have to do is to submit the quality articles on the directories.

You must at least be able to submit two to three high-quality articles in order to grow closer to your goal of gaining extra traffic. After you have submitted your articles, you will be able to see the immediate approval about your article, and then this will help in improving the search engine performance for sure.

Does Dofollow Directory Submission Help to Create the High Quality backlinks?

As I used the dofollow directory submission sites to create the high quality backlinks that loved by Google and help to improve website organic ranking. Even experts recommend it as an option to increase popularity of blog.

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