Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List 2022

Getting the Contextual backlink towards is not easy for someone; you can get the Contextual backlink by submitting the article and blog. So there are many directory site are available that allow you to post your article and blog. Article submission is the link building part of the seo, it is good ways to get the good result in Google. This article submission can help in increase the domain authority and popularity. First write the unique article to submit on your article site. Many webmasters of article site sometime reject the article submission due to quality of content.

Advantages of Article Submission :-

  • Most of free dofollow article submission sites auto approved
  • Help to get the Contextual backlinks that help to claim the good position on SERP.
  • Most high DA article submission sites are High authority
  • Most of high DA article submission sites have good Traffic that can work well to drive the more traffic to your blog

Disadvantaged of Article Submission:-

  • Article submission is time consuming process
  • Possibility of spamming on article sites as Site webmaster don't review the submitted article manually.  There are more possibility of website deindexing from google when you involve your self such type activity.

    Will Article submission off page seo technique work in 2022?

    I think it has become the big question 2022 that free high DA article submission will work or not. Some blogger and digital marketing expert recommend to not using the article submission site for link building process

    Many Reason behind to not use Article submission sites

    • Content is not approved by the admin on these sites. Anybody can submit the article by simply register on site.
    • There is no bar to add the links on article submission site.
    • Many seo expert miss use these sites by stuffing the too much keywords in the article. This type sites are being banned by the google. So please don’t submit the content such sites.
    • Before 2-3 year, some blog and article submission sites was working very well and SEO expert was getting the benefits in ranking..
    • But now, these article submission sites has become hub of spamming..

    Should we stop the article submission?

    It doesn’t mean that you should stop the article submission off page seo technique. These techniques still working but you shout first check the sites.

    Which Article submission sites we should use?

    • Free instant approval Article submission site should have good Traffic.
    • Article should be checked before publishing by admin.
    • Admin solve the problem of the users through comment section.

    Top 10 Free & Instance approved Article Submission Sites 2022

    As we know that the internet world is increasing tremendously. With all these factors, the online business is also getting a boost in the industry. Online marketing is working quickly, and content marketing is its important element. The way of content is becoming useful in several ways such as –

    • Sharing data with audience
    • Improving the source image

    For such results, the sources are required to be focused on informative articles or content with good keywords. After all these things, the companies need to post such kind of articles on the submission websites.

    The use of free dofollow article submission sources or platforms is becoming helpful in getting audience quickly and easily. For the higher level traffic and some other elements, the individuals need to choose the best sources.

    On the internet, mainly two types of platforms available with these specific services.

    • Free websites
    • Paid websites

    The biggest element related to the uploading the content is improving the page or website ranking. It does not matter which kind of source you are going to use paid or free. You need to keep some basic factors in mind, and these ones are –

    • Check out the best content submission service providing sources
    • Try to form content which should be rich in keywords and completely SEO friendly
    • After all these factors, the individuals should try to share the content page as more they can.

    These are some important elements that you should know about the services and related factors. Upcoming details are based on some paid and free dofollow article submission sources.

    Paid sources

    Mainly the individuals think that if the free sources are available then why we should spend money on premium ones. There are some key differences available in both types of sources. Generally, these differences are becoming a reason for lots of factors such as – getting a boost in marketing, traffic, optimizing and managing other content related activities. Following are some paid sources.

    The platform is considered as one of the top suggestions in the online searches. It is the biggest reason that’s why the platform is charging money for article submission. If you focus on its PageRank, then it is 4.

    Mainly the interested ones are trying to know how much it can charge for an article. The price of article submission is completely based on the content and other elements. Generally, the payments are becoming from 1 US dollar to 30 US dollars.

    The platform does not hold any kind of top PageRank. The services and its way of providing make it premium and worthy for spending real money. If we talk about the payments, then there is minimum level fixed, 1 US dollar.

    IdeaMarketers do not charge money directly. Here, a specific bidding system is working. Mainly the writers are placing their bids for getting the position of the article. These are some basic elements that make it one of the best-paid article submission sources.

    Free sources

    Everyone does not feel comfortable or able to pay money for article submissions. For these types of individuals, the way of free sources can be considered. Following sources are offering completely free services.

    Ezine Articles can be considered as a good suggestion or option in the free sources. It is holding the PageRank of 6 on the Google search engine. All these things are making the platform a good option for the online marketers and approaching the readers for content.

    The users are able to avail its all features for free. With it, the users can avail the top PageRank services without spending a single penny. These things are becoming useful in getting desired results by putting some efforts only.

    If we talk about the services of search warp, then it is highly similar to the ezine article. The main thing which makes a difference is the PageRank. Its PageRank is 5, and it provides an advantage to the users.

    Another advantage is related to the addition of links in the text. The users can add 3 links on a page. These are some big reasons by which the source can be considered as one of the best sources or free article submission platform.

    Mainly the eHow is considered as the top rank websites. There are some restrictions when it comes to access its services. The restrictions are related to the way of writing articles. The users can submit the articles those are written in the “How to” form only. This particular thing is becoming a big barrier in its selection and a reason for limited users.

    With, the millions of articles are uploaded from the platform. Most of the articles are holding a good position and a better ranking. These factors are becoming responsible for various elements such as – a good way to get success. All the services are completely free.

    When it comes to target the audience at a larger scale, then the way of Article base can be considered. The platform is providing completely free services. These types of services are becoming helpful in several ways such as – providing a good rank to content.

    The PageRank of Articles Base is 6. Here some users are getting confused and do not know on which platform they can upload content. It appears due to the similar PageRank of ezine articles. Some users are trying to upload content on both sources.

    The source is providing with some unique features. Availability of these types of features is becoming useful in several ways. Generally, these ways are becoming useful in making sure that you are creating a complete hub of niche. It makes the way of doing marketing easier and presenting a unique element with ease.

    Emerging Article Submission Sites

    Site NameDA

    Top Free Dofollow Article Submission Sites List 2022

    Top Benefits of Using Articles Submissions for Link Building

    Do you know what article submission is? It is an SEO off-page technique where you can write articles and then publish that on some third-party website. It can be the best way to promote your business by writing an article on it.

    You can add that to the famous article directories. I believe this can be the best way to be more visible because you can write whatever you want to about your business, and then they will add there.

    It works as the bridge between you and the audience you want to reach. Most people like me get different problems like they cannot write articles as they do not know how to write one. But some experts can help you write the articles with perfect keywords and everything.

    It can be the best thing for those who are new to this. I would recommend that people try the article submission directories because it can be proved quite efficient for them, especially for the new businesses!

    Article submission FAQ

    Following are some FAQ that will be very useful for you to determine all facts about article submission.

    Does Article Submission Sites Provide Dofollow Backlink?

    Article submission is still effective technique to build quality link if you do it with ethical way. Some article submission sites that provide Dofollow backlink for your blog. Submitting articles on article submission sites is not big deal.

    Many times, I have found that many article submission sites that allow to submit the article, they don't review the article content before making article live on their website. Such article submission sites can be listed in spam by google.

    So keep away from such sites that don't review articles and there are no restriction of article submission. I will recommend only those article submission sites that  review your article before make it live.  Quality article submission can also offer you Dofollow backlink. You should also check the SEO matrix of site before taking the decision of article submission on sites.

    Does Article Submission Help to Boost the Website Ranking

    Yes, Article submission is still beneficial for keyword ranking as this off page SEO technique help to earn the quality link for your website. But one things that you need to keep in mind is use the fresh content for each article submission.

    Some SEO fresher make this type mistake of using the copied content for article submission. So go with fresh content for article submission and get good improvement in ranking.

    Is Article Submission link Permanent

    Yes, Backlink that you will get from article submission will be live for life time. Article submission is one of the effective technique to earn the quality link and drive more traffic.

    But some things that you need to keep in your mind is use of quality content for article submission and informative content. They will remove your link and content if they found illegal activities from your side in submitting the article.

    How to Find the Quality Dofollow Article Submission Sites List

    Searching the quality Dofollow article submission sites is a time consuming task. Nobody don't have ideas that how time we should invest in finding the article submission sites. But, You can find these sites from regular link building sources that updated by the bloggers and SEO expert. You can also find free article submission sites by using the search engine search queries.

    Why Should We Use the Unique Content for Article Submission?

    As you know the Google don't like duplicate for article submission. Some of SEO experts make such mistake of the using the duplicate content for article submission and in other off-page SEO techniques to build the contextual link. Google doesn't count this type link in natural link, in this case search engine can penalize your blog for life time.

    Should I use Unique Content for Article Submission

    Of course, You should use the unique and informative content for article submission. I will advice to read the guideline of the article submission sites before to submit your article.

    Most of the SEO experts make this type mistake of using the copied content for article submission. Copied content can be removed immediately by admin. So use the unique content for article submission that can work well to create the Dofollow link for your website.

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