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If you want to submit a technology guest post/write for us on the high authority technology blog, then you have landed right web portal where we accept the technology guest post.

Important note: We accept guest posts on our technology blog.

We have started to accept the guest post on our technology blog. We invite the technology blogger, tech-savvy, business owners, content writers, digital marketer and SEO experts as guest blogger to write for us on technology related topics.

They can feel free to share their any technology related  ideas on 99 tech post. We are always looking for new and interesting voices to submit a guest post on our site.

Our main goal is to provide the well researched and high-quality contents to our beloved readers. So that they can learn something valuable.

99 tech post is the leading technology and digital transformation blog where we cover Technology, Business, Gadgets, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Computers, Internet, Digital Transformation, Gaming, YouTube Marketing, Artificial Intelligence related topics.

Contact Us: techmaya29@gmail.com

You can “Write for Us” on Following Topics

We always on the lookout for talented writers who can write the authoritative and insightful content for our beloved readers. If you don’t know how to write the guest post content, then you can take idea’s from top marketing and SEO blogs such as Backlinko and Neil Patel. You will get complete guide for writing gust post pitch and submitting the guest post for free.

If you are ready to write for us on the topic related to our target audiences, then select our website where you can write and submit a guest post for topics below.

Guidelines for Technology Blog Write for Us Guest Post

We’re happy that you want to write for us! But if you want to make your guest post submission success then read our guest post guideline before start to write the guest post content.

First of all, We want to let you know that we just need insightful and well researched content for our readers. You will get more benefits if your article is accepted as your guest post content will be read by our large number of audience.

  • Guest post pitch: first send your guest post ideas to us, so that you can get approval to write for us.
  • Write original content: content that you will provide us for guest posting should be grammatical mistake free also informative, unique, interactive, non promotional and written in good manner.
  • Make it readable: create the unique and effective content by using catchy heading, dot point, sub-heading and short paragraphs.
  • Word Limit: Content length is an important thing as SEO point of view. Your article should be 800 – 1000 words.
  •  Relevant images: we need 3 or 4 relevant images for your guest post. We can make it more natural. Please send only light weight and free images.
  • Plagiarism free: your article will be passed through Copyscape tool. Rejected when we found copied, Re-written and spinning. Please read the Google webmaster Guideline.
  • Guest post sample: how we can believe on you that you are the best guest blogger or writer. So please share your published guest post links with us.
  • Author bio: don’t forget to add personal photo and the author’s short bio at the end of the article. You can add one link on brand name in the author bio.
  • Add backlinks: We allow 1-2 external links in article. Some authority links also accepted to make article more natural.
  • Keep it actionable: your guest post should be actionable for our readers, so make sure that your article offers them specific advice and help them make positive changes in their lives.
  • Keep it relevant: your provided article should be relevant to the blog’s theme.
  • Make it engaging: write something valuable and interesting that will engage the audience and capture the reader’s attention.
  • Revision: we don’t allow revision after article published, so make sure article provided by you is correct.

What We Don’t Publish?

Too much Promotion:

If you are thinking to write for us, then you need to keep one thing in mind is that guest blogging is a way to show your skills and expertise in front of thousands of people. We don’t promote any services and offers on our technology blog. Our readers come to our blog to get something helpful and specific advice.

Already Published Article:

We accept informative and insightful article on our blog. Already published article never accepted on our website. There is no possibility of approval after some change made by you in the article.  

Deceptive Information:

You should avoid to add the fake information in article. If you are using the images and infographic of other websites , then you should give them proper credit in your article.

Irrelevant Topics:

guest post content on irrelevant topic is not allowed on our website, so take a look at our technology write for us guideline before start to write for us.

How to Pitch & Submit Technology Guest Post?

If you think you have something important to write for us free, then we welcome you to our technology blog. Send us your guest post idea’s and we will take a look.

If your article is ready with our above mentioned guest post guideline, then please send your article at techmaya29@gmail.com or contact us. You can contact us with following information.

  • Guest Post Topics Ideas
  • Previously Published Guest Post
  • Subject Line : Want to Write for US for 99techpost
  • Author Bio & Personal Photo
  • Relevant Article
  • Relevant Image

What Happen After Your Guest Post is Selected for Publication?

Selected for submission will be great sound for you from the site webmaster. Your article will be checked by our editorial team and will let you know if they need any changes in content. Please get back to us fast when we send you article for changes.

There are some high authorities blogs pay to guest author to write for them. But this type plan is not available on 99 tech post.

After review, guest post publishing date will be shared with you and send you live link as published.

Important : You will have to wait for some days after submitting the guest post content as we receive the more and more guest blogging requests. We will let you know the status of your guest post. Contact us for guest blogging.

Why Write for us + Technology Free or Paid?

Why you should contribute guest post on 99techpost? Our technology blog has huge traffic with good SEO matrix. You can also check your website traffic through Semrsuh and Ahrefs SEO tools.

We also share your published article on our social media handles, so that you can reach to your target audience who always ready to take specific advice from your article. Following are some website stats and SEO matrix that will help you take the decision of guest post submission.

Website Stats & SEO Matrix.

Examples of Accepted Guest Posts

Check out the sample of guest posts and write article accordingly. Firstly, send your guest post topics for approval. We will review them and suggest the final guest post topic. one and the important thing is that your provided guest post topics should not be covered on my blog already.

What are the Benefits of Submitting Guest Post on 99 Tech Post – Technology Blog?

Get More Traffic:

The main reason behind to submit guest post is to drive more traffic and improve the website ranking in search engines. If you create the high quality article and submit it on our blog, then it will rank higher than your competitors on Google. People can easily find your article on Google by searching the relevant search queries to article and they will continue to read your article and will click on the mentioned website in article and reach to your blog that in turn boost your website traffic.

Help in Promoting Your Business:

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote the business online and maximize your online exposure. So write for us for our technology blog and drive the traffic to your website.

Social Media Sharing:

We have thousands of followers on social media platforms. Your published guest post will be shared on our social medial handle to improve your brand awareness. Sharing on social media will help to drive the more traffic to your blog. So start write for us on technology and digital transformation related topic.

Get High Authority & Permanent Backlinks;

Guest posting is the unique and effective SEO technique to get the natural backlinks for your blog. Most of bloggers will allow you to add the backlink in author bio section. So don’t forgot to add the author bio in the article as it will show that who is behind for this great stuff. Your guest post will be live on our technology blog for life time.

How You Can Make Connection with us?

You can contact us directly through Contact US page. You can find us on Google by using these following guest posting search queries.

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FAQ for Guest Post on Technology Blog

Following are some FAQ that can help you to learn more about the Guest blogging.

How can I submit a guest post on 99techpost.com?

You need to follow below steps to get guest post published on 99techpost.

  • Firstly share your guest post topic and we will suggest you a final topic after review.
  • You can write the article on the topic that recommended by our team.
  • If your article is ready for publication, then send it to techmaya29@gmail.com.
  • Your article will be reviewed by our team and get published it in 1 week.
  • We will suggest you topics from our end if your shared topics is not relevant to our target audience. You can choose one topic from our suggested topics and can start to create the article.

Can I edit and resend a rejected article content?

Yes, We allow you to edit the article when it is rejected by any reason. You can make changes in the article and resend it to us for review again.

What are the requirements for guest post submissions?

Article should be well researched, insightful and free from grammar mistakes. We also require the copyright free images and author bio with headshot image.

How long should my guest post article be?

You should always write the full length article for guest blogging as Google gives more importance to full length article and rank it higher in SERP. Article length is also depend on the subject. You can provide us article of  800 – 1200 words. 

When will my guest post be published?

We don’t take more time to make article live on our blog. Sometime, we receive the guest post requests in large number. So we keep your article in the queue. Our editorial team will review it and get back to you with any feedback. We will publish your article 4 or 5 day if everything looks good.

How will I know if my article has been accepted or rejected by admin?

You will be informed by email that is used by you for guest post conversation. Our team will let you know the status of your article as soon as possible . It can be accepted and rejected by 99techpost.

How can I know if my article is a fit for your blog?

Firstly, take a look at our guest post guideline to know what kind of contents we cover on our blog. You also need to visit our blog section to understand the site’s tone and audience.

You need to share the guest post topics, you can start writing once get topic approval from us. Write article according to blog guideline and share it to our official email. Add catchy headline, relevant photos and bullet point in the article.

What are the benefits of submitting guest post on 99techpost?

Really, Guest blogging helps to build the quality dofollow backlink for your blog. Digital marketer and bloggers are using this off page SEO technique to get early SEO result on search engines.

I have been using gust blogging since 2015 and getting batter search engine ranking. But, each blogs has their guideline for submitting the guest post.

You have to keep the blog guideline in your mind when you write articles for any blogs. Guest blogging is also considered an effective SEO technique to drive the traffic to your blog.

Does Guest Posting Helps to Improve SEO Ranking?

Yes, Guest posting can boost your website’s SEO ranking. Guest posting helps you to build the high quality dofollow backlinks and exposing your content to target audience.

That’s why, I prefer the guest posting to create the natural backlinks and  improve website ranking in SERP. Guest posting is the valuable SEO technique that is still working for better SEO result.