6 Best Platforms That You Can Use In 2024 To Hire AI Engineers

25% of businesses have integrated artificial intelligence into their operations, with a global market of  $328.34 billion. There’s no point in being left behind because nothing will stop this boom shortly. Yet, we’re so busy in our 9-5 that keeping up with the latest trends can be intimidating. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the perfect AI platform that meets your needs.

Whether you’re an experienced developer looking for the most advanced AI tools or a curious newbie just dipping your toes, we have a solution for everyone. Let’s explore the 6 best AI platforms you can use in 2024 to hire AI developers!

6 Best Platforms to Hire AI Engineers

1. Greelance

Finding the right talent can be a real pain.

But Greelance makes it easier! This AI-powered platform connects businesses with a global network of tech talent–all ready to share their skills and help your brand succeed at every front!

So whether you’re looking for an AI engineer for hire or a cloud computing expert, Greelance is where you’ll find exceptional resources without any complicated navigation and hours of exhausting searching.

  • Moreover, Greelance uses a native token called GRL to facilitate paying freelancers and managing projects seamlessly. GRL also unlocks extra features, making the hiring process even smoother.

Also, Greelance capitalizes on blockchain technology, creating a win-win for both freelancers and brands, contributing positively to the global growth of the digital food chain.

2. Kaggle

Kaggle, a renowned platform for data science and AI enthusiasts, has emerged as a hub for fostering innovation and collaboration. Its foundation lies in hosting data science competitions that attract a global community of skilled professionals and enthusiasts. Kaggle’s appeal extends beyond competitions, offering a multifaceted platform where data scientists and AI engineers engage in knowledge-sharing, networking, and project collaboration.

3. Toptal

Toptal stands as a prominent platform in the realm of freelancing, known for curating a marketplace that connects businesses with top-tier talent across various domains, including artificial intelligence. Positioned as a platform for companies seeking on-demand expertise, Toptal has gained acclaim for its commitment to assembling a network of elite freelancers, ensuring clients have access to a pool of skilled professionals capable of tackling complex projects.

4. Hired

Hired, positioned as a curated marketplace for tech talent, has established itself as a platform that streamlines the hiring process for companies seeking skilled professionals, including AI engineers. With a focus on connecting companies with the right talent, Hired offers a curated selection of candidates, reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with the hiring process.

5. Codementor

Codementor has carved a niche for itself as a versatile platform that not only facilitates on-demand mentorship but also serves as an effective avenue for hiring skilled professionals, including AI experts. This unique platform recognizes the importance of mentorship in the fast-paced world of technology, offering a space where developers can seek guidance, learn new skills, and collaborate on projects.

6. AngelList

AngelList has emerged as a pivotal platform connecting startups with a diverse pool of talent, making it an intriguing option for companies looking to hire artificial intelligence developers. Positioned as a hub for startup job opportunities, AngelList facilitates connections between innovative companies and job seekers in various domains, including artificial intelligence.

So Did You Find Something Interesting?

As fast as the technology progresses, we all should stay aligned with AI—to get more efficiency in our workflow. There are many other amazing AI platforms, besides the ones mentioned in this list, that can help you do wonders!

Also, if you’re looking for help with your AI projects, you can hire AI developers or AI engineers. You can find them at Greelance easily! With the right talent on board, you can transform your business and make a real impact on the world.

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