7 Practical Benefits Of Online Faxing For Businesses

No matter what the type and size are, businesses could use practical and affordable solutions for operations such as sending and receiving messages. Security in document processing is an essential factor because you want valuable information to stay within the confines of the company and those you do business with.

Online Faxing Advantages

Using fax systems was the norm, but now, you can better utilize this system. The following are the reasons why online faxing is beneficial for your business:

1. Convenience

With more and more people working from home and anywhere outside the office, online fax service is becoming a staple because anyone can receive it globally. Admin departments and the sales force can send contracts and applications even from a mobile device. It helps those transactions to be recorded right away, and they can urgently work with the following clients. They also won’t need additional equipment such as an actual fax machine. 

2. Security And Privacy

The old way of faxing isn’t safe because just about anyone can view the sensitive information in the document sent to the office. Employees not authorized to handle the file can easily share it with someone else.

However, using online faxing sends the document straight to your email address, making it only viewable by yourself. Services may also feature additional settings or controls that allow you to manage better documents sent through online faxing. You can use encryption to make the document accessible for other people as well. 

3. Cost-Effective

Businesses familiar with analog faxing are aware of the costly charges they have to pay monthly. They require phone lines serviced by companies that require clients to pay for local and international fees that can reach up to USD$300. Toners can also cost around USD$260 for receiving only ten faxes with five pages. Not to mention the paper supplies you need to retain.

Inkjet printers are valuable office equipment as they’re portable and they produce high-resolution images. Some can even print 3D pictures for specific purposes. They’re multi functional and some models are capable of faxing documents as well. But printers are better suited to printing in-house documents instead. 

Online faxing eliminates the need for expensive phone services, toners, and paper supplies. When you don’t have to pay for a dedicated fax line, you can save more business budget and allocate other essentials. In addition, your documents are sent and received through the internet, so you’ll only need to pay for an internet service provider. 

4. Send Fax Anytime And Anywhere

Traditional faxing isn’t just expensive, but it’s also limiting. Sometimes, your day becomes so busy there’s a tendency to forget to fax a document. You may just get home and about to send a copy, but you have to spend time setting up and checking if the equipment is working right and if you still have ink and paper available. 

With online faxing, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can send and receive documents anywhere. There are no fax machines to check and no other things to set up. You can be on vacation, commuting, at home, overseas, and at a different time zone—nothing can stop you. 

5. Eco-Friendly

Fax machines can be detrimental to the environment because they have to print out every document sent your way and vice versa. Once the document has been read, they either have to be filed away or thrown out. Paper documents are occupying a lot of space, and throwing them out adds to pollution. 

Many trees are being cut down for paper production. In the United States alone, fax machines are using up to 200 billion sheets of paper annually, and that doesn’t include using up paper for other purposes. 

Online faxing services keep copies of files and documents purely online. They can be printable, but only if you need a hard copy. Going paperless can give your office a massive impact because you’re saving on printing costs. Your office space also becomes organized with more opportunities to update materials and limit document visibility to authorized personnel only. 

6. Platform Integration

Office management is easier today with applications that make document sharing possible. It’s not just computer apps but also mobile apps that are downloadable through your smartphone. You can share documents through iOS, Android, Fax API, Google Documents, PDF readers, and more.

These applications also come with encryption that can make sharing safer. The document remains in these apps unless you choose to print them out, which isn’t always a requirement. Some apps also allow the authorized person to make edits and share permissions with others.

7. Affordable

Online faxing services, unlike analog faxing, have optional pricing and packages. These tech companies consider that business startups have a limited budget, so they offer essential services at prices that are affordable. They may also provide a free trial for a limited time so you can check if the services are right for your business. You can upgrade to a higher plan when you can finally afford it.


Online faxing offers practical solutions that traditional faxing can’t keep up with. Whether you’re a business startup or a large company, online faxing is cost-efficient with minimal requirements. 

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