Wonderful Android Apps for Downloading Videos and movies

There are so many options in the applications in the present digital world that you can never feel disappointed. You can easily and effectively find the best apps that are wonderful and absolutely amazing. You can always get the apps that get you the videos and movies that too without any expenditure.

Android is the hub of applications for everyone. You can find some really refined, amazing, useful and free of cost apps that would ensure that you have all the videos that you crave for.

Following are a few apps that need to be on your device for accelerating your experience of streaming and downloading best quality videos and movies.

AVD Download Video

This is a useful, effective and good application for downloading good quality videos that too in the absence of any type of encounters. This app is there with a specific and dedicated browser that robotically detects any kind of streaming media and asks the user to fetch the particular document on the device the user is using.

You might not have to get into the procedure of copying the link of the video and then open up the applications pasting the URL for downloading the video.

No matter you are surfing via a networking website or that of a random page, in case there is a media link, this application you are using is going to detect for you and you can safely and effectively download it.


This vidmate app is a useful app that you would want to explore. The app lets the users download and stream the videos amovie from manifold platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and so many other. In this way they can use the videos without any hassles. The app also ensures that you get the video or movies in the format that is supported by your smart phone or device. The resolution options in this app are also immense. Right from HD to any other resolution can be picked for your videos or films. Also remember that the app is easy to use and the speed is equally majestic.

Video Downloader

Do you have the URL of the video that you want to download? Well, in case the answer is yes then this application is what you require the most. It is going to help you in getting the video or movies, no matter from where you have got its URL.

The application works in an efficient and smooth way. The navigation is absolutely easy to do and the finest part is that you even can do pause the procedure of the video downloading if you urgently have to go to loo or you have some urgent task to perform or even battery is going to die. You can conveniently resume the video or movie downloading once you are done with the urgent task.


Thus, if you want to upgrade your watching and downloading experience, then you should definitely install any of these apps. These applications would ensure that you have a wonderful time.

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