Why You Should Use A Router Even With Only One Pc


If you want a fast internet speed and good coverage, you should buy a router. Having one will save you a lot of money, time and energy and routers are often inexpensive. You can share your router between all of your devices and you share it with other people around you.

The router can be placed in any part of the home and still provide enough coverage for whatever part of your home you are staying.

If you use just one device such as a pc and you are wondering if it is worth it to spend money on a router, you are not alone.

It may seem like a waste, but it is far from wasteful. A lot of people who have just one computer connect their device directly to a modem to avoid dealing with extra cords and gadgets, but this is not advisable.

Ordinarily, your modem should pick up network or signal from your internet service provider and passes it through a router to your pc. If you use a digital subscriber line, the signal will pass through a phone line, and if your internet service is cable internet service, the connection goes through a coaxial cable.

Your internet service provider may supply you a router and modem combined in a single box, but some don’t, and you are left with the option of purchasing a router.

The most important reason for buying a router is for security purposes and this is why the TP-Link C7 Archer is highly recommended especially as the best router under 100. The only reason we use a modem is to move data from your computer to your internet service provider and back. For this reason, your data is not secure and it is exposed to hackers and intruders.

Your IP address also resolves to your computer allowing for more exposure to the public and making it vulnerable to attack. Anti-virus is not enough to protect you in this situation, the only things between you and a potential hacker are your operating system and firewall.

Routers have an inbuilt firewall that is far more secure and sturdy than the operating system of your computer. Because of this, there is no direct communication between anything on the internet and your device.

The only thing that is exposed to the internet is WAN port of your router, and it will be more difficult for an intruder to get hold of your IP address.

Another, more obvious reason for getting a router is wireless internet. Your modem will not provide this unless it is combined with a router. Wireless internet has many benefits regardless of whether you are using a personal computer, a smartphone or other device.


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