Why React Is One of the Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

Technology has come a long way from static web pages. Nowadays, interactivity and responsiveness are what distinguishes web-based applications. Various tools have also been developed to further these, with Bootstrap, NodeJS and ReactJS, just to name a few. Of these tools, ReactJS services have been the most popular these past few years. But what is ReactJS? ReactJS is an open source Javascript library of components, which are used to build reusable and declarative user interfaces and features for websites and other web-based platforms.

Demand For ReactJS

But what sets apart ReactJS from the others? Javascript has been cited as the most commonly used programming language in 2017, and of all Javascript-based technologies, ReactJS has been counted to be in the top 3 commonly used technologies and the most loved by developers in the same year.

(data taken from Google Trends)

There has also been an uptake in interest in ReactJS and ReactJS developers over the past 12 months, and with nearly 200,000 live websites that are using React.

(data taken from BuiltWith.com)

Because of how successful and popular ReactJS and ReactJS services has been, the demand for ReactJS developers has increased. ReactJS developer salary has become competitive around the world.

  • USA: $81,000
  • Switzerland: CHF 76,800 ($80,700)
  • Australia: AU$77,900 ($60,100)
  • Canada: C$63,000 ($48,100)
  • Singapore: S$54,000 ($41,000)
  • Germany: €45,900 ($56,400)
  • France: €42,000 ($51,600)
  • UK: £36,100 ($50,300)
  • Israel: $36,000
  • Ireland: €32,700 ($40,300)
  • Ukraine: $22,300

It is evident that aside from being a highly sought-after ReactJS technology, the cost to hire JavaScript programmer around the world is highly competitive, with how the rates are highly varied.

Pros and Cons of ReactJS

Factoring into the popularity of ReactJS is how great a web development tool it is. Outlined below are the reasons why we find ReactJS to be a great tool for web development. Here you can also see some of the concerns that developers have with ReactJS.


  • It is not a framework, ReactJS is a Javascript library. It is a library of tools and functions to make web development easy, not a catchall for developing user interfaces.
  • It is Javascript at its core. If an interface is built on, whether partially or completely, with Javascript, then ReactJS can definitely be used to develop or improve it.
  • Provides a user-friendly environment. ReactJS provides React developers a more accommodating virtual development environment for improving user interfaces.
  • It does the heavy lifting for you. Development is more of utilizing objects or components that are necessary to develop your user interface, with all the details on how that object or feature works being handled by ReactJS.
  • Reusability of components. With ReactJS, components can be the smallest feature, which can be used as a standalone or can be used to create even bigger and more complex components or features.
  • Not built on a new language. ReactJS is not a different language; aptitude in Javascript can make a good junior React developer, expert knowledge and skills lead to great developers.


  • Rapid-paced development. Constant updates to the environment force developers to quickly adapt to frequents changes and updates to ReactJS, which some developers have difficulty adjusting to.
  • Insufficient documentation. With frequent updates and innovations, ReactJS suffers from a lack of sufficient instructions or documentation to properly guide developers to adjust to their updates. To address this, developers generate documentation for the tools that they use.
  • Mixing HTML in Javascript code. JSX can be used with React, which enables Javascript code to incorporate HTML into Javascript code. Some developers find that despite its benefits, this feature is complex a steep learning curve.

Foundations for the Future

Because Javascript is at the core of ReactJS, developers expert with Javascript will find it easiest to adapt to ReactJS. However, it will take more than this to provide quality ReactJS services and effective React consulting for web development projects. If you were to hire ReactJS developers for your project or for consulting services, reading through a ReactJS developer resume will provide the bare bones of what is needed to be an effective ReactJS developer.



●      Extremely proficient in JavaScript, as well as DOM manipulation and JavaScript object model

●      Comprehensive understanding of React.js; objects and core principles

●      Experience in using React.js workflows (e.g. Flux or Redux), data structure libraries (e.g., Immutable.js)

●      Familiarity with ECMAScript, and RESTful APIs

●      Knowledge of authorization mechanisms (JSON Web Token)

●      Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools

●      Experience in using front-end development tools (e.g. Babel, Webpack, NPM)

●      Able to understand and translate business requirements into technical requirements

●      Familiarity with code versioning tools (e.g. Git, SVN, and Mercurial)

Responsibilities ●     Develop and maintain web-based user-interface or features using React.js

●     Construct reusable components or features, as well as front-end libraries for future web development needs

●     Render designs or wireframes into high-quality Javascript-based front-end code

●     Optimization of current components or features to ensure highest quality performance across multiple platforms for web-capable devices and browsers

●     Adapt to and utilize new web development technologies

●     Share web development tools and knowledge to other members of the development team.

Tools/Technologies HTML5, XHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundations, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, XML, XSLT, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, JSP, UI Concept Modeling/Wire framing


The skills and experience outlined in the React developer resume above describe the bare necessities for a ReactJS developer, which can still be built upon as they grow into the industry. How skilled and adaptable React developers are factors into the potential of a web development project and ReactJS as a web development tool.

With technology continuously evolving, and websites and applications becoming more interactive and data-driven, the component-based approach to building scalable and reusable user interfaces for web-based applications is slowly becoming the future of web development. With ReactJS continuing to grow and develop - React v16, Redux, and React Fiber - and used in diverse industries - Media, Telecommunications, and Retail - ReactJS is surely leading the charge in the advancement web development tools geared towards enhancing the user experience of web-based applications.


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