Why Is Zoom the Best Solution for the IT Sector

COVID-19, the ongoing pandemic, has introduced us to a wide array of technological advancements and modernistic practices. Video conferencing may be the most important one yet. The different video conferencing platforms assist IT companies in interacting with teams online. It eliminates any need for physical contact without sacrificing the underlying motive. You can communicate with your team members using a microphone and camera.

However, you should know that different mediums for video conferencing bring a new array of features to the table. They are not made equal. Every platform is unique in terms of features, and this is why you should analyze your options before choosing one.

Zoom Offers an Interactive Experience

The two major video conferencing players in the field right now are Zoom and Skype tools. These are the most utilized globally, and each tool offers a distinct set of innovative features. However, Zoom has recently become the uncrowned king of video conferencing tools, and it is widely prevalent among online IT companies across the globe. The primary reason behind Zoom’s immense popularity is the wide range of innovative features. So, it is ideal for companies that offer IT solutions across Glasgow or other places.

Zoom Is Ideal for the IT Companies

Skype was quite famous in the past. However, people have mainly parted ways with Skype. It is primarily ideal for daily communication purposes with friends and family. When conducting online IT meetings, Skype lacks a few useful features, such as annotation, etc.

IT companies tested Zoom and found it to be the ideal fit for their needs. Why do they use Zoom? It allows them to create organized virtual meetings quickly. Moreover, Zoom allows companies to organize projects easily. Among the core benefits of Zoom is that it comes with:

  • MPEG-4 Cloud Recording
  • Closed Captioning
  • Audio Sharing During Screen Sharing
  • Chat
  • Group Messaging
  • Mobile Collaboration with Co-Annotation
  • Useful Features

Zoom Has Useful Updates

If you think that Zoom developers have cashed in on the existing product and left the consumers alone, you are wrong. Since its release and popularity, the developers have released several updates regarding performance, GUI, and overall layout. These updates were aimed at transforming the tool into a more efficient one.

The most popular and useful update was regarding the overall image quality. So, developers released a new version that focused on offering a simplified connection to provide a clearer image. Online meetings are now more engaging than ever before.

Moreover, the creators of Zoom are constantly in sync with the latest technologies. Throughout the year, you will see various updates regarding security, performance, and technologies used in the tool. Even when updates are happening behind the screen, you will never notice any lags or connection issues while conducting an online meeting.


Zoom is also 100% free-to-use. So, even with the basic plan, you can still conduct a meeting with fifty members. This is more than sufficient for numerous companies and teams across the globe. Moreover, you can hold a virtual meeting for forty minutes without issues.

If you want something more, you can upgrade and enjoy more than fifty members and more than forty minutes. However, you can enjoy smaller meetings with three participants for more than forty minutes without any need for upgrades.

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