Why Adopting VoIP is Essential for Small Businesses in 2020?

70% of businesses have already adopted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or are planning to do so in the future. Startups who switched to VoIP claimed to cut initial costs by 90%. By 2020, VoIP will reach around 204.8 billion subscribers.

Have you adopted VoIP yet?

If not, you are missing out ona big opportunity to save your business from unnecessary costs. Also, you are suffocating your business with traditional phone systems.

Want to know how?

I will tell you soon enough. But before that, let’s have a brief look atVoIP and its impact on businesses.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - as the name hints - is a technology allowing communication through internet-connected devices.

Oh, yes, all those videos and voice calls you are addicted to usingin your personal life are examples of VoIP.

You maysay, “That’s common knowledge”, but thenwhy is it not integrated at the heart of your business?

No, I am not saying you should allow your employees to go onboard with social media. Rather, I am pointing towards embracing VoIP technology that keeps your entire business at the center while allowing you to roam around the world.

Just like the big brands offer you smartphones to make your life easier, VoIP service providers offer you internet-connected phone systems to make your business easier to run.

The UK alone consists of 3 million VoIP subscribers, so imagine the calculations for the entire world. Your favorite computer technology, Dell, is using it. Why not you?

If you are thinking about what else VoIP does other than replacing your phone systems, I will tell you 4 benefits of VoIP that every business surely needs in 2020:

4 Benefits of VoIP to Small Businesses

No matter the size of your business, VoIP carries the power to make your business appear much larger than it actually is. With the help of its automation features, you can easily give the impression of having a large staff handling all your clients’ queries. Thus, customers consider your business as a big brand that keeps clients happy and operates efficiently.

Here are 4 VoIP benefits aiding to your entire business growth:

  1. Conduct Business from Anywhere, Anytime

Employees often like working while travelling as it allows them to enjoy work without worrying about paychecks. Businesses have already started giving such liberty. According to Flexjobs, work-from-anywhere job listings have increased by 53% in the last two years.

Of course, businesses win productivity from employees but the major challenge arises when they fail to connect with remote employees in emergencies. They may ask:


  • How to deliver important information or data?
  • How to discuss things as if the employee is available in the room?
  • How to define tasks and track activities?

VoIP facilitates your business with instant messaging, video conference calls, file sharing, and other features, allowing your business to stay connected with employees. You can call and discuss details in real-time via video conferences. And file sharing helps you share data and track activities of employees.

  1. Never Be Out of Reach from Your Customers

Living at the far corners of the world creates network issues. It cuts the employees’ phone connection with the business and customers. VoIP eliminates 100% of the connection issues because of its internet-based technology.

But what if the internet fails to connect at the particular location?

If you are unable to pick up customers’ calls after a few rings, VoIP auto-connects calls to someone else (co-worker). You won’t miss any deal from any location.

  1. Save Time and Money

With VoIP at the center of the business, you can send messages to anyone with a single mouse-click. This change alone saves35 hours a week for businesses who rely on VoIP to take care of communication tasks. Another statistic sheds light on businesses saving 90% and 75% of their time on international calling and operational costs.

  1. Develop a Future-Proof Business

How do you see the near future of communication? It’s already here. People often use internet-based video or voice calls to contact their friends and relatives. Sending files and sharing activities takesa matter of seconds with online messaging apps. Emails are filling the gaps for sharing big files. Cloud storage and sharing is the most preferred for saving data. VoIP brings all this to your business, making it future-proof from upcoming tech challenges.

Are you ready to upgrade your business?

Make a Smart Choice Now

If your life can be extra smart with smartphones and other smart devices, why not your business? Make a smart decision with VoIP and see your business transform to a high-tech level.


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