Seven Ways To Score High-Quality Backlinks To Your Website

Every digital marketer knows the importance of effective backlinks. If you score some quality backlinks, your website will get tons of traffic, and its SERP rankings will increase. However, if you don’t do it according to a few recommended guidelines, your website will disappear from the digital world. That said, scoring backlinks is a complicated digital marketing tactic, especially when several link-building methods require varying levels of expertise, efficiency, and resources. Not to mention, if you’re just getting started with the whole process, you probably won’t know about link-building techniques you should and shouldn’t follow.

In simple words, backlinks are hyperlinks that lead back to your business’s website. It can either be through a website, article, blog, newsletter, etc. Whatever way you secure backlinks, these hyperlinked texts are crucial to your SEO efforts. Google’s SEO algorithm considers them a vital factor when determining your SERP rankings. So, if you want to attract quality traffic and leads, you need to score as many high-quality backlinks as possible. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few ways to obtain backlinks to your website below.

Hire a link building service

As a business owner, youprobably have a lot on your plate to manage. So if you can’t develop an in-house team or take the DIY approach, consider hiring a third-party agency to help you get the links you need. Outsourcing the job to experts will help you improve your brand’s visibility, get traffic, and maximize ROI on your marketing efforts. You can look for a link building services company in USA on the internet and hire one that specializes in your niche. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of grunt work while being able to focus on other crucial business tasks.

Write blogs

If you’re an avid writer, consider writing blogs on a day-to-day basis. While you do so, focus on your target market’s requirements and needs and write content accordingly. Moreover, ensure that your blogs are enriched with relevant, helpful content and are well-structured. Online users would not want to read a blog that does not contain informative content in an easy-to-read manner.

Furthermore, you can also team up with reputable bloggers to write genuine, authentic blogs that allow you to promote your business and its services and products. The more informative your blog, the more backlinks you’ll receive to your website from different online newsletters and magazines.

List your business website on online directories

An online directory is a surefire method to post links to your website online and attract more visitors to it. However, Google has blocked most online directories, especially ones that are useless to netizens. That said, you should avoid these backlisted online directories and consider posting your website on directories that Google considers safe and genuine.

Furthermore, don’t forget to list your website on directories that cater to your target niche. Listing your website on relevant online directories will allow it to be indexed in various search engines, increasing visibility and SERP rankings in the process.

Ask for backlinks

Asking for backlinks from reputable, authentic websites and blogs is helpful, especially if you’re taking the DIY approach to building quality links. So, ask your partner, clients, or co-workers who write blogs or run a website for backlinks. Something as simple as giving them a shout-out in your website’s content or offering them a space for their ads will work wonders to core some backlinks from them.

However, don’t forget to remain vigilant and ensure that backlinks come from industry-relevant websites and blogs. If your website scores backlinks from non-niche-relevant sources, Google will notice this and decrease your SERP rankings. Ask people and blogs within your niche.

Leverage dead backlinks

Have you heard of broken backlinks?You might have come across a few while browsing the internet yourself. These usually lead to a page that shows a 404 error. This error is typically the result of misspelled weblinks or changed webpage location or URL. Moreover, it might also occur when a website relaunches with another domain name.

Numerous online tools can help you identify and recover dead backlinks that lead nowhere. These tools will ask you to copy-paste a URL. After doing so, they will run a report and display a list of broken or dead backlinks. Furthermore, you’ll receive a .htaccess file that you can plug into your site’s .htaccess file, claiming the link you desire. Ensure to fix the links that are most relevant to your website. Also, you may have to spend time reaching out to the blog owners and convincing them to fix said broken/dead links.

Use testimonials

You can reach out to your customers and request them to share your links in a positive review about your products and services on the internet. Doing so will enable your business to establish a relationship of trust. In addition, writing testimonials will also allow you to gain high-quality links from reputable online forums people often visit for product reviews.

Furthermore, testimonials have a higher approval rate than any other backlinking strategy out there. Writing testimonials is like hitting two birds with one stone. Meaning, a company gets positive reviews for their products/services. But, at the same time, you end up scoring high-quality backlinks from a trusted website. It is a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Identify your competition’s backlinks

Consider performing a competitor backlink analysis to identify various backlinks you can take advantage of. If your competition could score these backlinks, why not do the same and obtain them too? All you need to do is perform a couple of competitor backlink analyses of your closest competition and put in the effort to score them. Furthermore, performing a backlink analysis will also allow you to determine the backlinks that your competition is effectively utilizing to the max.


Scoring backlinks is a marketing tactic that you should consider including in your overall digital marketing strategy. Not to mention, it also doesn’t require you to learn any rocket science to do effectively. While some backlinking techniques work better than others, you must test out the ones mentioned in this article to identify the ones that work best for you!

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