Virtual Receptionist for Your Small Business To Make it Look BIG!!

Now- a- days we heard a lot about “Virtual Receptionist” but what does actually it means.

As a user, I was not comfortable to attend promotional phone calls by the business. But, one- day I faced an issue with one of my electrical devices which is very important and I need answers immediately. Then, I communicated with a virtual receptionist of that service provider and my issue was resolved.

A prediction was made that – by the end of 2019 – 162 billion phone calls will be made by the businesses! So phone calls are not going away but a virtual receptionist can be the smartest solution for small businesses.

  1. What is Virtual Receptionist?

In this digital era – the need to physically pick up the receiver to answer an incoming call (in-house) is replaced by the concept of “Virtual Receptionist” day by day.

Small businesses face problems to attend and maintain all the incoming calls 24/7 is a challenge what you can do?

  • Put a voice note when you are not available (might be losing the potential customer)
  • Hiring of 24/7, 360 receptionists service which is costly
  • Beeping, with Robot
  • Survey shows 74% of callers choose another service in those cases (As per – Invoca the state of the mobile experience 2016)

Here comes Virtual receptionist as the most cost-effective solution. A virtual receptionist is actually a software through which trained customer service experts answered every phone call to make your customer happy, reach the caller to the right people & right solution and represent your business.

  1. What services they provide?

They work remotely and do everythinglike a traditional receptionist dowith extra punch. 100% of your calls are answered by the highly trained team of Virtual Receptionist!

  • Answering all the incoming calls
  • Delight the customers/ callers
  • Transferring the calls to the right people
  • Collecting customer information and generate leads
  • Ensuring service to quality with customer satisfaction
  • Convert them into potential sales
  • Set appointments
  • Answering questions
  • And also making outbound calls
  • They can’t be absent/ late & even be available during the disaster also!
  • Every caller receives the same toned service
  • Processing the orders from the phone order to the maintenance request
  • They are ensuring after-hours support, besides your office hours etc.

100% of your calls are answered with the highly trained team of the virtual receptionists!

  1. Why Small Businesses should choose Virtual Receptionist over the “traditional receptionist”??

Small business owners always in dilemma – what are the difference or, similarities between virtual and traditional receptionists??

There is some common arena they both managed, such as – both are involved with administrative tasks of answering the call, delight/ greet callers, manage schedules and appointments, process orders and offer basic company services.

Then where is the positive sides of “Virtual Receptionist” – where traditional receptionist 40 hour per week (5 days), virtual receptionist provide you with 24/7 service without overtime payment which is very costly.
Besides in house receptionist can be late/ absent due to sickness, holidays, vacations or other issues and also takes a break for lunch/prayer, etc. But in Virtual receptionist service – their schedule and availability are set for 360 services. In anyway traditional one can’t match with the availability of Virtual Receptionist service.

Importantly, a traditional receptionist adds up to a lot of downtime that you need to pay for, on the other hand, the virtual receptionist’s downtime is a complete headache of the provider (Like - Your VoiceNation receptionist) which is really a cost-effective solution.

  1. Benefits of Virtual Receptionist for Small Business

Virtual receptionist service helps you to concentrate on your business grow-up by taking the responsibility of your daily – administrative tasks, so that you can be focused on other important projects!!

  • Reduces Wait times for customers/ caller
  • Reduces the workload of call center staffs
  • Offering 24/7 & 360 services with cost-effective solutions
  • Help small businesses to scale their customer support infrastructure
  • Reduce the upfront investment to hire call center staff
  • Save money without sacrificing the quality of your services
  • You don’t have to go through the long process posting a job, taking interviews, hiring and training them. Virtual Receptionist will cut out the whole process for you.

The above-mentioned points are the smallest part of Virtual Receptionist service, this is much more convenient for your small business to have excellent customer support for your brand value with limited investment.

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