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If you are just dipping your toe into tech entrepreneurship, you are likely frequently bumping into a few unfamiliar acronyms: UX, UI, CX and similar. All these are abbreviations for a similar concept: What the end-user or customer experiences when using a tool or encountering a digital space. As you might expect, you want your UX to be positive — your customers should get what they want from their experience and feel good about it. However, that is much easier said than done.

All entrepreneurs need to keep their customers at the forefront of their mind, which means you need to know a bit more about UX than you currently do. Here are a few beginner UX tips to help your new business provide the precise experience your customers crave.

First, Don’t Get Overwhelmed

The world of UX is already vast, and it is only becoming larger and more intricate. You could spend the rest of your life reading about UX, and you still wouldn’t know everything about the field. It’s easy to get overwhelmed while considering the sheer amount of UX information available, especially if you are brand-new to UX. However, panicking won’t help you or your business thrive.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the new concepts you encounter at the beginning of an entrepreneurial endeavor. To avoid becoming so stressed by UX that you can’t function, you should try to avoid multitasking with other responsibilities while you are working on UX. This will reduce the amount of cortisol in your body, give you greater focus on your UX project and ensure that you aren’t making simple (or major) mistakes in your UX design.

Focus on Your Goals

Once you are committed to only working on your UX project, you should begin sorting out your goals. What do you want to get out of your UX? What do you want your users to get out of your UX? Answering these questions honestly and thoroughly will help guide your decision-making, so you can be certain that you get positive results from your efforts.

Once you have a list of goals, you should develop a strategy for accomplishing them and try to group related tasks together into chunks. This process, appropriately called “chunking,” makes information and responsibilities easier to process and more feasible to accomplish. You won’t feel as stressed because you know that you only need to focus on one specific area at a time. This will help ease the tension related to your first UX experience and facilitate success.

Understand What UX Can Do

As you are beginning to “capture” your ideas — UX speak for translating your mental image of designs and interfaces into something others can see and manipulate — it is important that you temper your wild imagination with realistic understanding of the capabilities of UX. Good UX has outstanding benefits, but UX will not fix a broken business model or generate a market where there is none.

If you are guilty of harboring outrageous expectations for your UX, it might benefit you to engage in some UX education before you begin. You can gain a master’s in UX design online in a relatively short period of time, and in doing so, you will equip yourself with cutting-edge UX knowledge and skill. If you believe your business hinges on your UX, it might be worthwhile to pursue this route through formal UX training.

Understand What Your Tech Can Do

On a related note, your UX is only as good as your technology. You might have visions of providing users with a virtual reality experience, but if most of your users lack VR tech, you might as well scrap that idea. For the most part, the tech at your disposal isn’t from the future; it consists of smartphones and computers that provide the same basic functionality you should have come to expect. Even if your tech startup is developing an app with brand-new capabilities, you probably won’t be able to work with holograms or smell-o-vision — or some other madly innovative ability. Studying UX will also help you understand the limits of modern technology, so you can reign your ideas into reality.

Fake It ‘til You Make It

As a beginner, you will likely lack the creativity and skill of more experienced UX designers. To get your juices flowing, you should look at existing UX designs and pick them apart for your own benefit. As Picasso said: Good artists copy and great artists steal. If you want your business’s UX to be great, you need to learn from the greats.


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