Top 8 Essential iOS App Development Tools

Mobile technology has taken the IT industry by storm and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. With over 4 billion mobile users in the world, it is of no surprise that almost every business no matter its scale is advancing towards getting a mobile app as a business means.

Some businesses use apps as a medium solely to increase customer retention while some have built their business on the app itself.

Being the two major mobile app development platforms Android and IOS both have prevalent attributes differing from each other in various aspects of features and functionalities.

With the emergence of several mobile app development companies, the development of apps is no longer elusive or unattainable but the decision to choose either IOS or Android app platform is entirely subjective to the demographics and other relevant business concerns of an app.

Opting iOS Platform for Mobile App Development

When comparing IOS with Android the main differences between the two platforms is based on demographical aspects, features and the total development cost for each of their applications.

While both have several advantages and similarities, IOS development is faster and cost-effective than Android app development.

The success of an IOS app does not completely depend on its usability as if it were not due to the appropriate utilization of development tools,every single IOS would have been a flawless creation. There are essential tools used to make the development process of iPhone apps a lot smoother and simple to execute.

With several development tools available, finding the right one becomes arduous. Here are 8 powerful IOS app development tools to help excel developers in creating successful iPhone apps.


The main process of developing an IOS app starts with finding the right editor or IDE. There are different kinds of IDEs that can aid developers in building mobile apps with ease and one such IDE is known as AppCode.

Supporting languages such as Swift, Objective-C and C++, it lets developers analyze the code thoroughly making sure no room for error is left. AppCode comes with a 30-day free trialand different subscription plans for different kinds of customers.


The app idea from the client itself is not enough to commence with building an app. After performing thorough research, the next step is to create a prototype of your application. Mockingbird, a wireframing and prototyping tool makes the initialization of the development process simpler.

Building a prototype is necessary to understand the complete visual aesthetic of the app interface and user experience therefore Mockingbird is the prime choice of many IOS developers for prototyping purposes.


A backend server is essential for every mobile application. With the availability of several backend services, Firebase is currently the most widely used IOS app development tool due to its extensive features ranging from server storage to analytics Firebase is more than a backend-as-a-service.

It is not limited to these features alone as it also works as an API to synchronize data at all times. Any changes made offline will be eventually updated once Firebase is connected online.


The visual look-and-feel of every IOS app needs to be unique therefore; design tools are needed to get the right inspiration for your app’s interface. With the right design tool, the process of creating interfaces is no longer challenging. Flawless is a tool built into the IOS simulator that allows you to design mockups and aids developers perfectly executing the phase of design and implementation.


When creating a mobile app, there are developers that do not pay heed to the importance of documentation. A professional developer knows the significance of documentation as without one the development process cannot proceed. Dash, a code snippet manager and an API documentation browser,is convenient in searching for over 200+ offline documentation and even provides developers the facility to generate their own documentation sets.


Identifying bugs after an app is launched is not only taxing but also consumes a lot of resources and time. Raygun is more than an app monitoring tool. It searches for any erroneous features or bug and tracks the entire app performance in order to fix bugs and resolve issues related to user experience. Developers can also discover problems in the server side and fix any errors affecting the application performance.


A powerful backend server is essential for every mobile app but without the right design and visuals, users will not stick to your app for long. Dribbble, a platform for app designers and developers lets them connect to professionals like them around the world to collaborate and share their work and project ideas. Dribbble is more than a collaboration platform as designers can find thousands of IOS designs and get inspiration from them in order to create IOS app interfaces themselves.


Traditional UI design trends have been deemed outdated. With the emergence of different design and development UX prototype platforms for mobile apps, Fuse is also a free and open source platform for user interface prototyping. It supports the same programming languages like AppCode and can be integrated with multiple programming languages for IOS app development. Fuse has a premium version as well that has additional UI and UX features making it a prevailing design tool for IOS.

These eight IOS tools are comprehensive and cover most of the app creation needs of small and corporate businesses alike. With the right development tools, great apps yielding great results are brought into existence. Many new businesses are now well aware of the process of creating mobile apps therefore companies like RetroCube have made the course of getting mobile apps easier by thoroughly aiding them in the complete lifecycle of IOS app development.

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