Top 10 Hidden Phone Monitoring Apps

Several spy apps work undetectable on the target phone, collecting valuable information from textual inputs, browsing history, location logs, and the camera takes. Parents can find these hidden apps essential as they provide crucial data necessary for effective parental monitoring. Employers and suspicious spouses are also spoilt for choice today when searching for the best-hidden spying app. A majority of these undetectable surveillance apps are compatible with popular platforms, including Android and iOS. Here are the top ten covert phone monitoring apps you can use today:


The JJSPY app is the most real-time and powerful phone monitoring app you can have to suit your needs. Aside from offering countless tracking solutions, the JJSPY app is completely invisible on the target phone. The app also provides live screen and camera streaming, offering seamless monitoring options. What’s more, this app has a clean UI, which is coupled with a slashed price. It is one of the most trustworthy apps and you can download it from


SpyEra is a top-rated spy app that offers premium phone tracking solutions. You can employ its use in parental control to protect your child while also supervising the performance of your employees. Once perimeters such as names and numbers are defined, you can have sleuthing access to Viber, Facebook’s messenger, and whatever is happening in the background. No rooting is required during installment.


When it comes to hidden spying, no app comes with better-equipped features than this one.  It is fully designed to offer remote access into the target’s phone text messages, WhatsApp content, Line, Snapchat, and even call logs undetectably. If they have an account on tinder and or Instagram, XNSPY will provide their GPS location. You can access and review such data on your web account via any internet-enabled device.


MobiStealth is a fantastic hidden app that offers you with meticulous surveillance data of the target phone. However, not all features are accessible without first rooting the phone, which can be daunting for first-timers. According to several users, the lack of a support team makes it harder to solve technical queries. Even so, you will still be able to access conventional social media platforms such as WhatsApp messages.


If you need to strictly and discreetly supervise employee performance, then FoneMonitor is the perfect fit. FoneMonitor is compatible with various popular OS platforms, including IOS and Android, and gives you access to WhatsApp conversations, browser history, and bookmarks. You do not need any knowledge on rooting as the app comes with automatic rooting codes, simplifying its installation.


Spyzie is an invaluable tool for discreet tracking on your child’s or employee’s phone. It offers top-quality monitoring capabilities that include deleted item recovery, access to contacts and GPS location, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. Other features included here are keystroke capture, ambient recording, and access to call logs and records. However, the cost is a bit pricier than similar options.


This app is among the most popular apps on this list. It offers seamless compatibility with most Android phones and uses stealth technology to operate undetected on the target phone. The app can gain entry into social media handles, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, and Viber. It is also lightweight and consumes very little power, making it all the more discreet. What’s more, the keylogger feature allows you to access the e-mail and accounts of your child or spouse.

Highster Mobile

The Highster Mobile monitoring app caused a huge stir during its inception. It provides an excellent addition to your list of functional spy apps. Its popularity is thanks to its one-time payment solution, to spy on your workforce and or even children. There are various ways to download and install it for seamless access to call logs, recordings, Twitter, and Facebook conversations of your child.


SpyIC is the latest spy app on this list and offers premium phone tracking services. You can download and install the app to unlock its full-spectrum features, including monitoring texts, calls, locations, and other information. There is no rooted version of this app, so you cannot root or jailbreak, which protects you from data loss. The app also comes with 24/7 technical support services.


mSpy is among the most recognized spy apps in the market. You can use it to track call logs, messages, and the usage of other apps within the target phone. It provides all the features necessary to monitor your children and workforce remotely without them realizing. mSpy also offers a family kit that covers both iOS and Android users to help track communication, location, and other critical information.


There are many undetectable spy apps you can use to spy on your employees, spouse, or children’s phones. Guestspy,, DDI tool utilities, and Spyhuman are a few more options worth a try. These spying apps will give access to several features, such as live camera and live screen. Other premium apps like mSpy allow you to track every keystroke input, from login passwords to text messages. However, there are several aspects to consider when using spy apps. Choose offers that use less power for a truly discreet and undetectable spying tool.

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