Top 10 Cool Features Of iOS 12 that You Need To Know

Are you keeping an eye on Apple’s update but still not aware of all these secret features?

Though iOS 12 is mainly released to focus on performance and stability, it has many secret features to offer.

Yes, screentime, Siri shortcuts and suggestions, and  Group Facetime updates are there, but some of the most anticipated features are listed here in this content.

Apple’s iOS 12 has a lot of tweaks that will improve the overall iPhone and iPad’s experience. The tucked away Apple’s features are constantly being looked after by the iPhone App development companies.

Keep reading further and impress your friends by sharing the below-mentioned list of features to them. We are sure, they are probably unaware of the features and you will give them an aww-feeling by sharing the secrets.

A goodbye to Manual OTP filling:

We still rely on text messages for one-time codes. And now, an auto-fill prompt quickly helps to paste the code in any browser or application. Android was nowhere back in implementing this, but iOS is superior as it protects privacy. How?

Unlike Android, the app itself can not read the messages.  Disable any SMS spam prevention apps, you will not get the OTP auto-fill prompt.

Second Face ID?

Yes. We know you are excited after reading this. It’s time to say “Rest in peace” Touch ID because this new feature allows you to set up an alternate Face ID.

You can now allow your spouse and selected friends to access your phone. And along with this, if the phone fails to recognize the face, you can enter the passcode.

Unlock your phone now just with a glance.

A more advanced Do Not Disturb(DND):

Forgot to turn off the DND mode? Do not worry. This new feature allows to schedule out the do not disturb mode based on your mood. You can turn on the Do not disturb for an hour, until this evening, until you leave a location, or till the end of an event.  You can open the control center and long press the DND icon and select the desired option.

Send more fancy picture messages:

You can now use memojis and new camera tools for sending pictures and videos in messages. You can also now drag and drop the memoji on top of a photo or a message.

Various Siri accents:

Tired of listening Siri’s voice in a single accent? Apple’s iOS 12 offers more now. You can now select your desired Siri accent to interact with. The available options are American, Australian and British with both male and female version.

Lockout USB accessories:

The previous limit of locking out the external USB device was 7 days. Now you can prevent external device from accessing your phone 1 hour after your phone has been locked.

This feature is quite controversial but it greatly improves device security. If the device is not unlocked in an hour, it automatically disables the USB connected devices.

Search the song just with lyrics:

It happens many a time that we want to tune in to a specific song but do not remember its title.

What we remember is just some lyrics.  Good news Music lovers, you can search a song just with lyrics alone. Type those lyrics in Apple music and the feature lets you search the song. This feature looks to be tremendously convenient.

AirDrop passwords:

The refinement of iOS version is mainly for securing the phone and now you can share the airdrop password in a pinch.

Just long press the password and AirDrop it to another device. The other device will receive a notification that will put the passwords in the keychain. The intelligent iOS will apply that code automatically so that you do not have to manually perform the task.

Phone or a trackpad?

Firmly press the screen and turn your on-screen keyboard to a trackpad. With this superpower, you can move around an email or text messages. This feature is extended to all the iOS devices. You can press the space-bar and all other keys will disappear. Now drag the finger on the keyboard and place the cursor precisely.

iPhone X experience on iPads:

Do you see a changed menu bar on your iPads? Yes, Apple rearranged the menubar at the top of the screen and gave edge-to-edge displays. All the access control center functions have made their way to the iPads.

The date and time feature has been moved to the left and the battery indicator to the right. Accessing the control center through the multitasking interface is stopped now. The only way out: swipe down from the top right corner.

QR code scanner:

This feature has been able to make its place in the control center. You can open the camera to scan the code or take a picture to scan later.

Apple always tries to offer more than what a normal man thinks of a Phone. With the increasing demand of the operating system, there is a rise in the need to hire an iOS developer from USA who can do wonders. We are sure, you will never be disappointed with Apple’s updates.

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