Tips and Tricks on How to View a Private Instagram Account 2023

Social media Instagram is no longer just one of the websites and a way to communicate with peers, but a whole world of information, Instagram posts, and media files, able to help reveal a lot of secrets, gossip, and even uncover someone’s hidden relationships. Today we will teach you a few tricks on how to view a private Instagram account 2023!

What Are Private Instagram Accounts?

If you have been an Instagram user for some time now, you probably come across people’s personal pages, visible only to the confirmed subscribers and approved by the page owner.

No personal information could be seen on the page: no Instagram photos, descriptions, reels, or stories, except for the profile picture and the profile user name.

An Instagram private account is easy to be created by adding a specific setting on the website, restricting access to a specific group of people or all unsubscribed users for a person’s privacy, which makes us believe that they have something to hide.

Reasons to View Instagram Accounts

So what are the reasons for the need to view private Instagram accounts? Here is the list of the most popular ones:

  • Jealousy – The need to check the socials of the person you are suspicious of;
  • Curiosity – To check someone’s page out of curiosity (your ex, crash, formal friend, etc.);
  • Parental control – This happens to be one of the most justified reasons. If your friend/relative is in trouble and has to be looked after, checking their socials is a must;
  • Information gathering – To buy a proper gift based on likes, find out what a person’s hobbies and tastes are, and form a first impression of the person.

Ways How to View Someone’s Private Instagram

Knowing how important it could be to check someone’s private account on Instagram, let’s talk about ways how to view it without being caught spying.

Follow Request to View Private Instagram

The simplest of all options is to add the person you would like to have access to the private Instagram account by sending a follow request. The method is easy and doesn’t require any additional steps, giving you legit, full access to their page.

Unfortunately, this plan has a few small problems and is not completely foolproof:

  • It’s not discrete or anonymous;
  • The targeted person could not accept your follow request;
  • To gain access to the page, you have to wait for confirmation from the page owner;
  • You might be restricted from some of the information that this person shared by additional settings.

Use a Common Friend’s Account to View Private Instagram

This option is similar to the one that we describe above. In order to gain access to a private Instagram account, you need to find a friend who would agree to spy on another person with you.

If this friend is already on the friend list of the target person, it will make it easier to go through the private page faster, but if not – you should send a follow request and be ready for the same risks as in the previous plan.

The big plus of this method is that it would be anonymous, but not ideal either.  

View Private Instagram Using Google Search

Another great method how to view private Instagram with the low effort required and without following the page is to try to access necessary information through Google Search.

Some of the photos and reels could be available in the search results. Start with the name of the person adding “Instagram photo” or “Instagram page” and check the videos and photos that appear.

The option is great to satisfy your curiosity but would not be useful with the need for deeper research on someone. As you probably already understood, the Google search will not give you a complete few on the page, likes, and other Instagram information of the target person.

Create a Fake Account to View Private Instagram

Creating a fake account to view private Instagram accounts could be one of the best options on our list. New page creation takes around 15 minutes, as you have to make a new email and get a phone number to connect it to the profile.

This method requires you to be creative and come up with the page that the person you are planning to spy on to submit the following request. Try to use service or promotional topics on the account, like sports/clothes shops, vitamins, or nails.

This plan will work if your fake page doesn’t look suspicious or was made 15 minutes ago.

Consider Using a Third-Party App to View Private Instagram Pages

Third-party apps to view private Instagram accounts were created as the previous methods described above had some flaws and were not working the best.

These applications work around Instagram restrictions and provide users with a full view of the private page as it was public or the following request was accepted.

Some apps are not even requiring any installation; some are even free, majority of them work on all operating systems, which is a piece of great news for both Android and iOS users. This is a great option for those who want to view tagged photos, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories anonymously.

5 Best Apps to View a Private Instagram Account

For those looking for a way to view a private Instagram, we created a list of the best apps in the next part of the article.


Glassagram is a great app to use to view private Instagram accounts. Apart from its features, the service looks functional and professional, is very user-friendly, and with a great design.

The main goal of the service is to help its users view private Instagram accounts, and one of the greatest pros of it is that no installation is required.

It allows one to view a private Instagram or a public one and saves the information in the dashboard. 

Everything that you have to do to start using the service is to pick a subscription plan, log in, and enter the profile name in a search bar.

The features list is also pretty amazing: Glassagram will help you view private Instagram without human verification, including videos, hot likes, every story, profile photos, plus detailed post information, and comments. 

Another great thing is that you would not be restricted to only a few profiles during your little investigation – Glassagram allows you to view private Instagram accounts without any limits.

Read Leia Torresten’s Glassagram review to find more detailed information about its features.


PrivateInsta is another good service to view someone’s Instagram private account photos, but human verification is required. Same as with Glassagram, no installation is needed, as the tool works in an online format, which means that it has great compatibility with all modern devices.

Even though the service has been more than 5 years in the market, the current version of the tool is a beta and still is in development mode.

Still, the PrivatInsta is an app that provides its users with the possibility to view private Instagram pages, so you can scroll over photos and make your conclusions.

To use the app is enough to go to its website, enter the profile name you would like to review in the search bar and pass the human verification.

Don’t worry, you are not breaking any of Instagram’s terms of service by using PrivateInsta, as this app is not endorsed or certified by Instagram. Unfortunately, when we tried to view a private profile, the site bumped into an error.


IGLookup could be your solution if you are looking for a way to spy on your friends, relatives, or lovers and view private Instagram stories without them knowing.

The app is relatively new, with a good design. IGLookup claims to give you access to view private Instagram account in a few clicks, so even if it’s your first experience with this type of tool, you still will feel confident using it.

IGLookup developers claim that you will get access to the media files on the private account and view private Instagram stories, Instagram photos, comments, followers list, and post descriptions.

This could be one of the convenient tools to follow your ex or access an annoying girl’s page to see who she is spending time with. For using the service is enough to fulfill 3 steps:

  • Log in and click “Start now”;
  • Enter the user name in a search bar;
  • Enjoy receiving results.

Unfortunately, when we tried to view a private profile, the site showed a message “Bot Like Behavior Detected”, so we suppose this website is a scam eventually.


InstaLooker is another online service that allows you to view followers of private Instagram account, their photos, stories, description, and comments. The tool looks a bit outdated, but it works perfectly and, moreover – is completely free of charge.

Instalooker works on the same terms as PrivateInsta and requires human verification, though we couldn’t find how to pass it.

So basically, to view private Instagram pages, you have to visit the tool’s website and enter the profile name in a search bar. The navigation and operation don’t require any specific technical skills; however, if you need to view private Instagram account scam-free, we would recommend choosing another site. 

Unfortunately, though, even compared with Glassagram, the InstaLooker tool won’t allow you to see hot likes or old Insta stories, so it is a bit losing to the competition.


Originally, this app to view private Instagram was created to restore lost or forgotten passwords, and its main feature is basically cracking the account and getting access to it without knowing the logging credentials.

This app requires installation, and you can do it from the tool’s official webpage – it should take you around 10 minutes.

This is not the most ethical tool to use when you are just trying to feed up your curiosity, want to view private Instagram accounts and their stories, or are jealous of the person, but it might be the only option if your reasons for spying on someone’s private Instagram account is this person’s safety.

The apps we described above are not giving their users access to view private Instagram messages, so InstaRipper will be the only app with this feature.

InstaRipper is the app that we would definitely recommend keeping in mind, but we would not advise you to have it as your first choice for Instagram spying.

Final Thoughts About Apps for a Private Instagram Account View

The need to view a private Instagram profile could be justified for many reasons and is not a big deal nowadays.

We described common methods on how you could access hidden information on the page anonymously and the best apps you could use for this purpose.

To conclude, the majority of websites that claim to be free seem to be shady and not so reliable; we would recommend sticking to Glassagram, even though it requires a fee, but your security matters.

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