How to Apply for Instagram Verification

Before you apply for Instagram verification badge, you must have gotten some things in place, like filling up your profile, making your Instagram account public, having a clear and professional display photo, removing any other social media platforms links and URLs from your bio, and any other irregularities that might reduce your chance at getting verified.

After ensuring your Instagram account is ready, here are four simple steps to help you apply for Instagram verification.

Do Not Use Your Instagram Application to Apply

For reasons best known to Instagram’s programmers, using the Instagram App to apply for Instagram verification does not seem to yield results.There have been numerous users complaining about not receiving a reply. It is advisable to log in to the web version of Instagram while trying to request your Instagram verification. Open your internet browser and input, provide your email and password where applicable and log in.

Go to Settings

After logging in to your Instagram platform, navigate to “My Profile” and click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines at the top right corner). A drop-down menu list will appear, and you have to click on “Settings.”

In the setting section, you have to navigate where “Account” is and click on it. The Account is towards the lower part of the list by the left side of the screen.

Click Request Verification

After clicking on the Account, “Request Verification” is revealed, amongst other things. Click on the Request Verification, and a detailed form will be presented to fill.

Fill the Application Form

The application form is the document that Instagram will examine. It must be filled by you truthfully, correctly, and appropriately. The form can be subdivided into four main sections;

1. Your Legal Name: Here, you are required to fill in your official name as it appears on your official documents, like your government-issued identity card or birth certificate.

2. The Name You Are Known as Name: This refers to the name of your company or brand, that is, if you represent a company or brand. It could also mean your alias or stage name for celebrities and public figures. Like your legal name, this name should be filled in correctly, too, because it represents your identity.

3. Category or Industry: Here, you are asked under the category your brand fits into or for a person it means which category or field your craft fits into. Are you a politician, a musician, or a comedian?Here, you have to choose the category or industry you are most actively involved.

4. Upload an ID: You must upload an authentic government-issued identification to complete your application process. You must upload a photographed or an already scanned copy of the document along with the application form before submitting it.

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Final Thoughts

After submitting the application form, you must know that Instagram will only contact you regarding the verification through your DM. For security reasons, Instagram will not send you an email, nor will anyone from Instagram request your login details.

Also, you will not be asked to pay money for your verification. Whether your request is granted or not, you will be contacted by Instagram in a matter of days through your Instagram DM.

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