Tips on how to Become an Instagram Influencer

What does it mean to be an influencer on Instagram? Well, you get to live your dream life, share it with your followers and get paid for that! Sounds really nice, but it’s not as easy as it might sound now. It might be easy once you get to a certain level, but an enormous amount of work has to be done in order to achieve this.

Lack of motivation shouldn’t be bothering you – average influencer gets paid around $1,000 for a single sponsored post. And you are free to travel, work with who you want to, etc. The only challenge it takes is to create a strong community around yourself and be influential.

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Is being an Influencer on Instagram Worth It?

There is a number of social media platforms that can get you famous – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, all the focus goes on Instagram. The reason behind that is simple – it’s the fastest-growing social media tool and marketers remark it as the best platform for influencer marketing campaigns. So if you are planning to grow an audience, you should definitely focus on Instagram. You can earn good money if you are an influencer, learn more about it at

Instagram posts are usually more engaging than posts on Facebook, and the form of YouTube videos might not be a perfect way to boost brand visibility. That’s why everyone has their eyes on Instagram.

We have mentioned that the average influencer gets paid around $1,000 per sponsored post, but being “average” means you have to have around 100,000 followers. And that’s not an easy task to achieve. You will have to put your time and effort into it and that doesn’t even guarantee that you will become a real influencer. However, it’s really worth to try it, because the possible return is huge.

From our perspective the biggest challenge of becoming an influencer on Instagram is consistency. You will have to work with your audience every single day, with no holidays or sick days, so you better love what you do. Otherwise, it will turn into a disgusting necessity that will drive you crazy. It’s not enough to post a photo or two in a week – you have to broadcast your entire life through Stories. That’s what it takes to gain followers on Instagram nowadays and it’s totally worth it if you love communicating and sharing details of your life with others. Obviously, it’s not for you if you are a shy person and can’t take any stress or bad feedback.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Commitment is important, but it’s not enough just to be committed in order to gain followers. First thing you should do – find yourself a niche. It would be extremely difficult to attract attention to content that is general. People need to know what you are about. Also, it is important for business – if you concentrate on health and sports, your audience is likely to be interested in these topics as well, so gyms and personal trainers could approach you with an offer to work together. Try to think of what you like and do the best – form your image online around that.

Keep in mind that you will have to stick with your niche for good – that’s consistency. If you suddenly decide to change things up and post about something completely different, your audience might lose interest.

Let’s head to the most important part – creating content. Only the content can drive followers towards you. There are various strategies to get followers on Instagram, but none of them will work if your posts are unattractive and just looks bad in general.

As you might already know, You can post photos and videos that are up to 1 minute. Video content is more engaging, but don’t overexaggerate it – it takes much more time and effort to create high-quality videos. Photos work just fine, but you have to make sure that they are of top-notch quality.

The next really important thing -hashtags. If you don’t use hashtags with your photos, you are simply losing the opportunity to get new followers. Hashtags should be relevant and on point, so take your time to choose them every time you upload an image.

When you have all this figured out, just be consistent and keep your feed running. Also, do not forget stories – this shows that you are active. Once you have a decent amount of posts, you can reach out to nano or micro-influencers for a shoutout. It won’t be free, but you will have to invest some money to get this thing going.

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