Tips for Upgrading Your Computer to Play the Latest Games

It seems that GPU requirements for modern games keep outpacing PC capabilities easily. Some of the recently released gaming titles that you have been dying to try out may not play on your computer. You don’t need to replace your computer to play a cool new game. There’s a far more affordable option available: upgrading parts.

If your computer lacks the capability to run the games of your choosing, or if you simply want to improve performance and prevent lag, you can upgrade your computer as described below:

Laptop Vs. Desktop

Just one thing to consider: how you can upgrade or not upgrade your computer will depend on whether you own a laptop or a desktop. It’s not possible to replace certain laptop parts like the graphics card. If you want a better GPU, you would need to buy a new laptop.

Desktops, on the other hand, are far more versatile. You can easily upgrade any part of a desktop computer by yourself or with professional help. This is why desktops are best suited for gaming. Not only do you get more power, but you can also upgrade your PC any way you like without having to buy a whole new system. While many people will look to upgrade their CPU for smoother gameplay, there is another option to forking out a couple hundred on a new CPU. All you will need is a DMA card, as this bypasses the CPU, sending data directly to the main system memory and speeding up data processing. These can also be used to learn the hacks and cheats other players use in many online multiplayer games, helping you to counter them easily.

Invest in a Better Graphics Card

Obviously, the easiest way to upgrade your gaming computer is to upgrade the graphics card. This is not a complex upgrade. It’s possible to upgrade your GPU reliably and affordably without crashing the entire system.

Consider the current graphics card in your computer. Then research better options. Start by looking for upgraded models of the graphics card you already have. These new cards are most likely to fit the already existing system.

Remember that you need to buy parts that are compatible with the rest of your computer. This goes for your graphics card as well. You need to make sure that other parts of the computer, like the processor, memory, and motherboard are compatible with the GPU upgrade you have in mind.

Add More RAM

Adding more RAM is certainly a popular way to upgrade most computers. It would not only dramatically improve your PC’s performance, but more RAM can also eliminate lag in certain games you love to play.

Gaming computers should have at least 8GB of RAM. When upgrading, aim for 16GB or RAM or ideally, 32GB. More RAM will future-proof your computer as well.

As fun as it can be to add RAM to your PC, don’t be alarmed by the price tag. RAM is becoming more and more expensive. Therefore, expect memory upgrades to cost you more than it would for most other upgrades on this list.

 Improve Gaming Experience with External Hardware Parts

You don’t just need to buy internal hardware parts to improve the performance of your PC. External hardware parts, like speaker sets, may not make your PC speedy, but would certainly improve the overall gaming experience.

You can quickly and easily upgrade the gaming experience your computer offers by investing in good audio. Buy a speaker or a pair of headphones that can generate computer sounds in high detail. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some soundbars under $150 to help you out. You can also buy a gaming mouse and a keyboard to make sure you play as comfortably as you want. One of the many cool facts we can share is the world’s most expensive keyboard which is gold-dusted and cost almost 5 grand.

For an even better gaming experience, buy console attachments for PCs that allow you more tools to game like an elite player.

Consider an SSD over an HDD

SSDs offer better speed over HDDs when it comes to storage. SSDs are well known to be suited for gaming more than HDDs. You can consider replacing an HDD with an SSD to game faster.

SSDs do come with a caveat though: limited storage. You can make your PC run faster but you may have to sacrifice some internal storage capacity. You can make up for it by plugging in an external HDD to keep the storage capacity at ideal levels.

Buying an SSD won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, keep in mind that the installation process can be a bit tricky. It’s best to seek professional tech help if you are an amateur when it comes to hardware.

Get a Better Cooling System

Even if you have the best specs for running games, it will be for nothing if the computer overheats quickly. Overheating naturally leads to slower performance and more wear on parts. Therefore, another way to upgrade your computer is to improve its internal cooling system.

Some GPUs come with their own cooling systems. These systems are certainly better for running games and streamlining cooling. Otherwise, consider a better CPU cooling system and research products you can afford.

Upgrading your PC to run games better isn’t a complicated process. However, you should carefully think about the parts you want to replace. Do your research and make sure your existing system is capable of supporting the upgrades you have in mind.

Once you get the basics down, you will be ready to upgrade your computer and enjoy a top-notch gaming experience.

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