Time Tracking Apps: Increasing Productivity and Other Benefits


Many companies struggle with maintaining and improving the productivity of their employees. As it’s vital to be productive to achieve great results on both individual and team level, businesses have been looking for the right methods and tools to increase productivity.

One of them is a time tracking app that tracks how much time you are spending working on your assignments. From timesheets, reports, analysis and many other features, a time tracking app has quickly become a tool that is a must for those who need to stay focused to have a great work performance.

But, besides time tracking, are tracking apps really improving your productivity? Once you start using a time tracking app, what will really be improved in your work performance?

You’ll Complete Your Tasks More Quickly

With a time tracking app, you will be more focused on finishing your tasks more quickly. During your day, you’re probably working on several assignments that need to be completed quickly. With an app like this, you will feel motivated to finish the task as soon as possible because you will know you’re tracking your time. When the clock is ticking and your time spent on a certain assignment turns into a result, you want to complete it quickly, so you can move on to another one.

You’ll Have a Better Control Over Your Projects

We all know what projects we’re currently working on, but sometimes is hard to determine which projects take the most of our time. With a time tracking app, you will easily know which projects require more time and focus and which are pretty easy to complete. The better the insight you have, you will be able to organize your time more efficiently.

You’ll Know the Project’s Worth

When you’re working as a freelance or a remote worker, sometimes it’s hard to determine how much should you charge for a certain project. For instance, a freelance writer or a designer will be able to charge a certain price when he or she knows how much time they need to invest in such a project. After all, time is money in the business world. A time tracking app especially helps with projects that look simple to finish but still require working a lot on details. Spending 10 hours on one project and 30 on another one per week help you set up your prices and communicate them right.

You’ll Have a Balanced Life

It’s not only freelancers and remote workers who have a problem separating their professional and private life. When working a full-time job, many employees will spend their free time working as well to ensure they achieve good results. As much as you might assume your supervisor will appreciate it, this will kill your productivity. With a time tracking app, you will know how many hours you are actually working, so you will easily know when to stop when the number of hours is way higher than it should be.

You’ll Become More Creative

Productivity leads to creativity. You probably know that feeling when you have so much work to do but you are very focused so you’re perfectly executing all these tasks you have for that day. More importantly, you’re truly bringing creativity in them. As you have better control over your time, your work performance will become better and you’ll even be able to suggest a couple of ideas on your own.

You’ll Achieve Better Results

In many professions, it’s really hard to measure productivity. Business owners of such companies struggle to find an efficient way to track their employees’ performance. With a tracking app, it’s much easier to track an employee’s productivity. The same goes if you’re the one monitoring your own performance. A time tracking app allows you to see how many tasks have you completed during the day or the week. Also, it will reveal to you how many hours were you actually working.


Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits if you choose to use a time tracking app. Of course, not everyone will see progress from it as the outcome depends on the person utilizing it. But, if you’re truly interested in achieving better results, you should get a time tracking app and make the most of it.

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