The Top 10 Social Media Apps and Site

Our society was involved in the evolution of technology. We are capable of adapting to what the world can offer. The fact is technology was now part of our life. Maybe today most people can't live without technology as it was deeply rooted in our daily life.

People often use social media app for most of their time. Business take this opportunity to expand their businesses through sharing of information or hired a social media marketer to market their business to the public. It helps us in our daily lives to make things easier like communications, entertainment, and information gathering.

This is the top 10 list of social media sites and apps that most people use.


We all know that facebook is the start of revolutions in terms of social media apps. It is also the biggest social media around with billions of people using it every month.  Even one of the biggest countries block facebook apps and sites like china, It hasn't affected the total domination of social media apps.

It is easy to use because all content works great on facebook like text, images, live-stream, videos, and stories. Facebook prioritizes social interaction between people, especially from family and friends.


It is categorized as a video-sharing platform where you can post your videos on social media sites where billions of people watch videos every day. By posting your video and has many subscribers, you can earn money through ads.

Youtube is also used as a search engine after Google. For entertainment, they choose youtubeas they can watch movies, movie series, anime and other categories that they want to. It can provide education for studies as some people make videos for knowledge in different kinds of subjects that cover animals, plants, humans, planet and many more.


This social media app is for real-time blogging, public microblogging network where news break first. Most of sportsperson and even Hollywood stars use this social media app to promote their interest and even announce their decision before anyone knows it.


is more on job searching and making a resume. It became the professional social media sites where the industry shares network, posting jobs, and have a professional interaction within your circle of profession. By posting professional ads and job vacancy, it attracts more professional people for hunting a job by their profession.


it is one of the best social media apps for sharing photos that the mobile web has ever seen. Instagram is the perfect fit for real-time sharing of photos and videos. It was bought by Facebook in 2012 for the amount of 1 billion dollars.


A messaging apps used by many people aside from facebook messenger. It initially used to communicate with friends and family, but gradually, people started using it for communicating with business via WhatsApp.


provides visual content on the web. Pinterest has a beautiful and intuitive pinboard-style platform is one of the most useful resources for collecting images and categorized it. It also describe as an image bookmarking site.


It is a social media platform that social networking and blogging collide. You can post text, videos, photos, and other media content onto your blog page, which other users can see and follow. It supports an HTML editing where if you are skilled enough, you can completely customize the look and layout of your page.


a social media app that thrives on instant messaging and it is mobile-based. Young generation dominates for using this social media app. They can send photos, video and message "a snap" to a friend or other people, which automatically disappeared a few seconds after they viewed it.


Is China's very own Twitter since Twitter, as well as facebook apps, was blocked by China. It has a 140 character microblogging for uploading photos videos and commenting on other accounts, unlike Twitter where it has 280 characters that you can use.

All of this social media app has its strength and uniqueness. With this popularity, security threats threaten the security of personal information that may be used against you, has all the information you have in terms of cybersecurity and how to avoid his kind of threat.


Social media apps are the center of communicating with our friends or family and we even use these for entertainment. Social media app has different functions and platform. It's up to us on what kind of social media app that we will use in terms of our interests and hobbies.


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