The SEO Marketer’s Client-getting Checklist


Whether you have already spent quite a bit of time flying solo as a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist or recently decided to strike it out on your own, having a steady stream of paying clients is one of your top priorities. Smart Street Media SEO shares very useful tips to help budding and struggling SEO specialists build their client base and give their careers a boost. The tips below are simple enough that those who wish to try them can try them out instantly. The following is an SEO marketer’s client-getting checklist to help you get more clients.

Be More Active on Forums

You may be surprised that forums still exist in this day and age. Old-school forums are still a good place to connect and expand your network. However, you need to focus on newer forums such as Quora, FormSpring, Facebook Questions and LinkedIn where you can establish your online presence as an SEO expert to complement your social media pages. Being active and visible in forums is a subtle yet effective way of marketing your practice and expertise.

Pay Attention to Your Own Website

It is a plus to be good at marketing yourself as an SEO expert. However, you should be able to back it up with a good website. Expect interested clients to stalk your website if they are interested in your services.

How would you rate your website’s user experience? Can they find relevant information about you easily? Does it contain helpful information and testimonials from happy and satisfied clients? Is it easy to navigate, have a clean interface and quick loading times? Do some SEO auditing on your own site, do it properly and win over more clients.

Offer Free Tools

Since you will be SEO auditing your own website, it will be a good idea to create and add SEO diagnostic tools to your site that visitors can use for free.

This will not only allow you to attract the right kind of visitors, but some of them may even endorse and recommend your tools to their friends. You can also use the free tools to squeeze more information from your visitors and use it to follow up on them.

Offer Free Services

Some of your potential clients might need an extra push to get them to acquire your services. One good way to get them to do so is to have them sample what you have to offer for free. For instance, you can offer a free SEO audit for their websites with free advice and recommendations based on the results.

They are more likely to hire you to fix the problems that you have found in your audit. Don’t underestimate the power of free stuff.

Don’t Limit Yourself to This Checklist

You can be creative and add more to this checklist, especially ideas that apply to your strengths. If you are comfortable in speaking before a crowd, you can speak at events or hold mini-SEO seminars. If you consider writing as one of your strengths, you can do guest blogging. You can also sponsor events, learn a new niche, send out emails, ask clients for referrals, etc. it is better to come up with new ideas and actively search for clients than sit around and play the waiting game.

The SEO industry has gotten more aggressive and highly competitive in the past few years. This makes it even more vital that you start building a loyal client base and keep them happy and satisfied.


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