The Importance Of Intros In YouTube Videos

YouTube has grown as a video platform and is the second-largest search engine in the world. The platform is available in over a hundred countries and has two billion monthly active users. From learning a new skill to entertaining themselves, people turn to YouTube for several reasons. The use of YouTube intro maker tools helps content creators catch the attention of enthusiastic viewers.

The extensive video collection of YouTube ensures that viewers are not disappointed. However, the massive viewer popularity of YouTube has encouraged content creators to try their hands at YouTube. Today, there are more than 9000 content creators, and videos are created at an unimaginable pace. While influencers continue to dominate YouTube, brands are also turning to this platform for their promotional needs.

In such a situation, unless you create exemplary content, your video will not get noticed. As a content creator, you need to put in efforts to ensure that your video is easily comprehensible. The visual appeal and user-friendliness of video are other factors that you should consider for becoming a successful YouTuber.

The intro is the section of the video that appears at the beginning of the content. Typically, branded signatures, taglines, and animated clips were used in the intro. These days, intros are an integral part of most successful YouTube videos. In this article, we will talk about the importance of intros and throw light on how these can steer the visibility of a YouTube video.

Portrays a Professional Image

If you are a small business that is keen on leveraging YouTube marketing, intros are an absolute must. Youtube Intros maker tool makes your brand look professional and tell potential viewers that you are serious about your work. The use of brand colors further strengthens your professional image.

If any colors are generally associated with your profession, it is a good idea to incorporate that in the intros. For example, legal firms can have intros in monochrome color combinations. Appropriate theme choice and color combinations help in winning their credibility and winning new prospects.

With intros, you can add design elements that connect to your brand. This establishes originality to your YouTube videos, and people keep coming back for more. That way, you can create a community around your product or brand.

Enhances Brand Recall

As intros are the first few seconds of your content, they are the most appropriate place for branding. When your followers come across the branding, they identify your videos in the sea of YouTube content. There are multiple ways of creating brand-specific intros. These harbor brand recall and sow the seeds of a healthy business relationship.

For example, you can create a video series on YouTube where you post a new video every week or fortnight. If all such videos have a similar intro, your followers will relate to the series. Familiarity with your brand’s signature video style will help to tell you apart from the competition.

Enhances Audience Retention

Studies have shown that an average individual attention span is of 7 minutes, and post that people tend to lose interest. This makes it important for content creators to leverage the first seven seconds and find a way to the viewer’s mind. With well-crafted intros, you can give the viewer a glimpse of the things in store for them.

When viewers are aware of the video content, it gets them excited about the things in store. This reduces the chances of viewer drop-offs and causes people to be attentive to the content. Better focus on the video results in higher retention of the informative content. When such viewers need to purchase at a later point, they will be likely to choose your brand over the competition.

Supports Video Marketing

With shoppable videos, 3D reality, and VR, the future of video marketing looks very promising. Businesses from all industry sectors are incorporating videos in their marketing strategies. It is predicted that by the year 2022, video content will dominate 82% of internet traffic. In such a situation, intros will give an edge to your initiatives.  With intros, you can get your target audience to watch your promotional video.

· By now you are aware of the advantages of having intros in your YouTube videos. However, creating just any intro will not give you the marketing results that you hope for. For the best branding results, you need to ensure that your intro stands out. Here are some tips to perfect your intro creation.

· The focus of your intro should be to tell the viewer who you are and what you have to offer. Including your logo or slogan helps in branding. You can consider front-loading the best parts of the video in the intro section. That way, your intro will arouse the curiosity in the viewer and tempt them into watching the video.

· If you are keen on taking the unconventional path, you can invoke a controversy in your video. When you introduce subjects like money, body weight, politics, religion in the intro, some views will see eye to eye with you while others will disagree. Either way, people will be tempted to engage with the video. Controversial intros trigger higher video views and better likes, shares, and comments on the YouTube videos. This will tempt them into watching the video.

· Restrict the length of the intro to a maximum of 5 seconds. Ideally, the intro should have one screen. For intros with two shots, ensure that you have a clean transition. Time lapsing the video is an efficient way of reducing the length of the intro.

· For brands that are keen on taking the traditional path, wise words or quotes are efficient in attracting viewers. Try to quote someone who has impacted the community or made significant contributions in your industry genre. That way, your target group will resonate with the personality and feel tempted to watch the rest of the video. You can also include interesting anecdotes, analogies, and metaphors to give a personality to your intros.

· There is no one-stop secret to creating successful YouTube intros. While the above tips will help you in intro creation, you need to ensure that the intro resonates with the brand personality. The age demographics and taste of your target audience are some of the other factors that you must consider.

By now, you are aware of the advantages of having an intro to your promotional YouTube videos. Studies show that in the coming days, the popularity of YouTube videos will continue to rise. In such a situation, the frequency of promotional video creation will also increase. Creating poignant and eye-catching videos is the only path to getting viewers’ attention.

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