Best way to become successful YouTuber

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and the 2nd most popular website in the world with over 2 billion monthly active devices.

YouTube has grown pretty quickly and overtaken Facebook this year and it seems to grow more fastly in 2019. Basically, it is a video sharing websites which adds value to its users. The best about thing about YouTube is that it allows users to view, share, like, dislike, comment, subscribe, upload, etc.

Nowadays, people are favoring YouTube to learn anything because through videos we can understand easily and quickly instead of reading immense articles and books.

Nowadays, most of the people who wanted to earn money online is attracting towards YouTube because there are many YouTubers who are making more than $30,000 per month by doing their favorite work. Youtube affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to add new streams of revenue. you may check this step by step guide to affiliate marketing by Woblogger.

People think that it is so easy to create a video and making money from YouTube but they don’t know the kind of hard work big YouTubers have done in the past.

Many people have started its YouTube channel but they are not getting views and subscribers, the reason behind the problem is they don’t know the right technique which works. They just think that creating a video is enough but it is the wrong technique.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you the legit and quickest way to become successful YouTuber in 2019 via my words.

I am researching that techniques for 6 months and finally, I did it I have found the most genuine and quickest way or you can say technique to become successful YouTuber.

(1) Why YouTube is worth targeting

The biggest and most common question firstly came in the mind about getting started on YouTube is, “why it is worth targeting?”. Yes, you must know the benefits of YouTube before getting started on YouTube.

As I already told earlier that it is the 2nd biggest search engine and the 2nd most popular website in the world, that fact shows the kind of traffic YouTube gets per month, not in millions in billions.

Setting up a new business is pretty difficult and expensive but via YouTube, you can set up your business easily and without spending a single buck.

Yes, YouTubing is also a business, in fact, one of the most profitable business nowadays. You can make money from AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Online store, etc. You can play with millions.

If you have already a business then YouTube is also a great option for marketing your business and you can generate sells to the targeted people. People like Neil Patel, Dean Brian, and Dr. Vivek Bindra are also doing the same thing and they are successful to generate sells.

YouTubing can also help you to reach your words to the people who are doing wrong, means you can also be a social activist through YouTube like Sandeep Maheshwari.

In short, it is the best option for earning or marketing.

2) Things you need to know before starting

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Before you get started on YouTube you should know some things which are pretty important to create a well-printed mindset which will help you to become successful.

Three things you must know before starting on YouTube are consistency, patience, and improvement.

Nobody can drive millions of views just in a few nights, it takes times. The main reason why people will not succeed on this platform is that they don’t keep patience and after creating just 3 videos, they gave up. So, you must have to keep patience.

The second thing is consistency, it is also very important, just keep patience is not enough you have to post your content regularly. It does not mean per day, you must have to choose your pattern according to your time that when you have to post.

The third thing is the improvement. Nobody is perfect from starting, in starting your content will not outstanding but when you regularly post you’ll become better.

In short, to become perfect it takes some time maybe 2 months, 3 months or 6 months but without thinking about your subscribers you have to post regularly.

3) What type of video you should create??

After creating a YouTube channel, the next big challenge, “what type of video you should create which can go viral?”

Firstly, you have to get the biggest master of your niche, Then, go to its channel and write out video’s topics which have most views.

If you are new then you should create evergreen topics and do some common SEO and if your content is good then you can get subscribers. Evergreen topics mean problems which people face as per your niche.

You can also create a video on the famous terms of your niche and when people will search about that particular term briefly and which adds value to your viewers.

You can also create videos on the trending topics and through it, you can get a lot of subscribers. For finding trending topics you can follow news websites or can check out on Google Trends and try to create the best content.

In short, you have to create videos on the searchable topics not on the anonymous topics.

4) How to get more Subscribers and Views

If you start getting satisfaction with your content then, next it’s time to grow our channel and get more views and subscribers on your channel.

I’ll tell you the technique in three parts:-

a) While creating video

Firstly, you have to know the most important ranking factor that is watch time of your video. It means the number of minutes or hours your video is watched. It tells the quality of your content and YouTube always promotes quality content via suggested video and much more.

So, to get more views you need to get more watch times. To get more watch time you have to create the video in an entertaining way or in an informative way, you can add jokes or facts between the video. You can create longer videos to get more watch time.

At the starting, you can create some suspense to encourage your viewers to watch the video until the end and can help you to get more watch time.

Watch time is everything on YouTube and you can add a clear voice and visual on the video to interact with your viewers so they can give you more watch time.

The most essential thing you have to care is your content will be accurate and which adds value to your viewers. In short, try to do your best while creating your video and most importantly your research will be accurate. Try to create a video in such a way that every doubt of your viewers will clear. It means to find out the problems people are facing on that topic, you can use Quora or forums like Warrior Forums to get the most common problem. Then, next explain briefly about the question in your videos.

Another important point you have to care while creating the video is audience retention. It means the percentage of people are interacting with your content and hit like, comment and subscribe to your videos.

To get more audience retention you can encourage your viewers to like, comment and subscribe. You can also ask MCQ to your viewers and ask them to give their answers in the comment. You can also add polls in your videos.

b) While uploading your video on YouTube

This is the most precious period which executes you to rank and to get more views.

There are a lot of points you need to care while uploading your video on YouTube we’ll discuss it ahead briefly.

To get ranking you have to express about your video to the search engine and for this, you can do SEO(Search Engine Optimization). It is the action done by us which explains your content quality to the Search Engines and YouTube will promote your video via suggested video.

The first step of SEO is to find out the keywords which are less competitive and enough searches. To find out the keyword you can use tube buddy extension or tube buddy application if you are doing with your smartphone.

Next, it is time to write that keyword in your title, write in a different and interesting way so the viewer will click on your videos and if you’ll get more clicks it will also impact your search rankings. In short, write a compelling title.

Now, it is time to write a brief description. YouTube allows you to write 5000 characters and try to claim your maximum limit and repeat your keywords as much as you can on your description. Try to add links, it also impacts rankings[minor].

Add most relevant and famous tags and try to repeat your tags’ keywords in your title and description but not excessive. You can also you use other’s tags by using tube buddy extension and maybe YouTube will suggest your video on that videos.

Add cards and end screen to your video which will also help you to get views on your other videos.

Now, the most important thing for getting more views that is Thumbnail. Create a thumbnail which creates suspense and exciting for others. Don’t use excessive texts, colors, and pictures. Try to keep it clear and effective which attracts viewers to click.

c) Promoting the video

When your channel has no fan base then, you will not get views at the initial stage because no one knows you. So, at the initial stage, you have to promote your videos at the targeted audience who can watch your video fully.

You should promote your videos at the targeted audience who can give you good watch time and audience retention so YouTube will promote your video.

The 3rd most popular website of the world that is Facebook which can give you huge traffic.
You can promote your videos on the relevant pages and from there you can get good numbers of views.

You can also promote your content on the groups which are similar to your niche and from there you can get your targeted audience. You can also comment on the posts which are similar to your videos. You can use services such as for promotion, so that you quickly gain an audience on your channel and views on your video”

You can also use Reddit for getting views from the targeted audience. Use multi subreddits and relevant subreddits.

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You can also check out the following websites’ sections:-

a) Quora questions
b) Quora spaces
c) Quora posts
d) Google+ posts
e) Google+ pages
f) Google+ communitites
g) Twitter
h) LinkedIn
g) WhatsApp groups


Now it’s time take a quick view of the entire article

a) YouTube is worth targeting if you wanted to grow your business, earn money, become a social activist.

b) You must have to keep patience.

c) You must have to be consistent.

d) You must have to keep improving.

e) You have to create videos on evergreen topics. trending topics, etc.

f) Improve your watch times by adding jokes and facts between the video.

g) Create suspense at the starting.

h) Ask MCQ to the viewers.

i) Encourage viewers to like, comment, subscribe and view.

j) Try to repeat keywords in the title, description, and tags.

h) Write a compelling title.

i) Create an attractive thumbnail.

j) Promote videos across Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, Google+, Quora, etc.

The article is written by Piyush Singh, founder of Brite Knight a tech related company and they post tech related articles on their blogging website The team of brite knight try to explain their knowledge in such way that even a new born baby will understand that.

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