The Effectiveness of The Red Team Present In Our Cyber Community

Cybersecurity tech is associated with three colors




The color red represents ‘THE BREAKERS’

This team is commissioned to perform ethical hacking in a proper organization. They can do anything that is required to portray a proper defense system. The red team is nothing like the blue and the yellow ones. The list of activities that they can do are,

1)web app scanning

2)social engineering

3)black-box testing

4)host for attacks

There are other secondary colors. The secondary colors include,




What is a red team?

  • They are the offensive cybersecurity teams.
  • They perform assessments to rate the security level of an organization
  • They are not limited to only ‘Ethical hacking’
  • They have internal groups and consultants

The red team has not been a new idea in cybersecurity. It was derived simply from the Management and Military use. This team consists of expert offensive professionals in security who are involved in attacking as well as breaking systems. Continuous automated red teaming results in the best way possible. Their work can never be compared to any other security teams. They prepare and strive hard to attack or defend in a situation. It is a multi-layered and a fully scoped attached strategy that is designed to measure the standard of an organization’s people and network.

With automated red teaming it is possible to find a way for independent security systems. This red team is an intelligence-led safety assessment, which is arranged to properly test an organization’s cyber resilience. It also acts as the detection of threat and incident outcomes.

What do they do?

Ethical hackers perform this type of work; they reflect the requirements of a genuine cyberattack by fully utilizing the measures provided. They plan strategies and tactics to get out of a difficult situation. They find what are the tactics that are used by the criminals and use the same or a different one to break them.

Automated red teaming is one of the best things to resolve a cyber attack and prevent further attacks. The assessments are performed for a really long time like, sometimes it might be weeks or even months.

The benefits of Red teaming

1) They might be able to provide a sense of safety as they defend against cyberattacks.

2)They are capable of testing the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology used.

3)They classify and identify the risks present in the security systems.

4)They help in the improvement of response procedures.

This team is not all about finding loopholes.

The efforts put in by these people are very good. A proper red team working will also improve the defensive nature of the system in the upcoming future. Their work does not end with the phase of discovery. It continues to a lot more after that.

The actual pain starts after a week and might continue for months. They work with the motto of ‘The best offense is a good defense’. They help businesses to remain competitive. It also helps to secure its business interests by leveraging social engineering. The team finds ways to better its defense standards. They reveal their skills in four ways

• Physical

• Hardware

• Software

• Human vulnerabilities

Skills possessed by the red team are:

1)Way of communication


3)Never give up mindset


5)Strong technical skills

Communication is extremely important in this field. The effective red teamers possess the potential of translating the technical errors into our local language. They have to put themselves in the shoes of the enemies and think like them to break them. They have to think outside the box and find out the flaws that might have been possibly made.

They have to stand strong and can never give up in the middle of any investigation. Situations might be challenging both mentally and physically. Technical knowledge also is very important. Having strong technical skills will carry as a great asset to any cybersecurity hacker.

Three main tasks of the red team

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Tests in penetrations

Here, they identify security faults and erase these flaws from the root.

  1. Engagements in the team

They are full force scope adversarial attack stimulations. They also test how the blue teams respond.

Where can one get knowledge about this field?

In the Cybrary. Cybrary helps you advance your skills and build your knowledge about the field. Next is the certifications. You can also learn about this in Podcasts, videos on YouTube, books, and from many more resources.

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