Cyber Security Needs for your Business

20 years ago, the average business owner only had to worry about the main functions of their business, such as overhead, sales, and employees. With the advent and use of the computer and internet, there are a lot more things to be concerned about. Cyber security in this day and age is a necessity, with hackers working night and day to access your vital records and proprietary information. Without an exceptional security system, you could find your private information floating around for sale on the web.

As a business, which values its data, it is important to anticipate the danger before it presents itself. In most cases, companies, which have no use of old data, do not pay attention to its value. This is something, which is very wrong and should be avoided. If you are certain that you need to remove the data, you should always go for secure data destruction services or IT recycling services that thoroughly clean all data from your hardware. By working with cybersecurity service providers, you can ensure that your data never gets into the wrong hands or is used unfavorably against your business or your customers.

Fortunately, there are tools that will help keep your business safe from cyber predators.

Anti-Virus Protection

Computer software used to prevent, protect, and remove malware (malicious software). Although hackers have increased their technological tactics, anti-virus software has too and continues to evolve into next generation software.


There are two types of firewalls, network and host-based. The network firewall works off of security parameters set by the company and IT department to monitor and control traffic.

As the name implies, the host-based firewall does the same but runs from a host computer or computers.

Malware Protection

The best course of action against malware is to never let it get to your computer, which is where the anti-virus and firewall protection comes into play, among other strategies.

Threat Hunting

Traditionally, computer security analysts would manually sift through the network and its computers, keeping an eye out for possible security breaches, but new technology has created some advanced tools to automate some of the process.

Virtual Data Center

Backing up all private and proprietary information in an off –site virtual data center will guarantee that it will not be lost in case you are attacked by ransomware or your computers become corrupted.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is usually transmitted via a human, who is deceived by an email with an attachment and innocently clicks it. Either the virus downloads or the recipient is taken to a site mimicking the intended web location.

It’s best to set up education and security protocols for anyone who uses the company computers, laptops, and even mobile phones that are tied into the network.

Quick Incident response

A cyber-attack can happen very quickly and having a plan in place to mitigate the damage will ensure that they are minimal. Prepare and coach employees on correct procedures before a breach occurs.

Encryption Software

Protect vital information like employee, business and financial records as well as sensitive customer or client data.

Endpoint Security

This service ensures that all of the gateways to your network are guarded against malicious attack which includes all of the devices that your business uses, whether broadband or Wi-Fi based.

These are just a few of the tools business owners need. Technology is moving along at a furious pace, and professional hackers spend every waking moment learning to use it against unsuspecting victims. When faced with a breach, Carbon Black protection covers every spectrum of a cyber-attack, especially the ones you’re not aware of.

Let’s face it; if you own your own business, and use computers and the internet, you are vulnerable to hackers. If you want peace of mind, it’s best to leave the cyber security to the professionals.

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