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There are many companies around the world that are independent, havescalabilityand worth billions.And as a mutual benefit, they serve the mankind as well. These companies have stories to tell, especially to those people, who wish to start their own business based on the similar principals and ideas that were experimented by them and are the reason forthe successofthe business. One of such company we know it today as “Google”.

The basic purpose of this topic is not to glorify the outstanding of the Google Inc. Every company has its share of good and bad. But we will share with you all the good aspectsand factor that made a Google so successful today. A company that started from a garage workshop to becametech giant. There are things that are just unique to Google business model and it is noteworthy for readers to know.

What is Google?

The word Google is misspelled manifestation of googol, meaning 10 to the 100th power (10100) or in numerical value, onefollowed by hundred zeros is called one googol. This huge number signifies the basis of Google that it hasa tendency to tame the sea of informationin its possession. From which the whole world can access and take the benefit, under the mission statement: “organize the world information and make it universally accessible”.

Imagine today world without Google, the high-speed internet which we possess in our homes today will be nothing, but just an empty huskwithout Google. It was started as a search engine and now is it a digitalpowerhouse, which is covering almost all fields of life, where information is needed with accuracy, security,and reliability.

How it all happened?

Google was first introduced by Larry Page and Sergey Brinin 1998. They introduced a unique algorithm which makes a list of sorted data and brings them up in search accurately on inquiry. In the start,the company was operated from the garage and it was connected to their university server.  For all those entrepreneurs who are reading this post should take a note that to start a business, it’s important to select a right place and country. It depends on the paid-in capital requirement, a number of procedures taken and time to start a successful business. Mostly in under-developed countries,it takes more time and money to start a business and also does not guarantee the business to be successful. Corruption and security is also the factor that affects your business (New Zealand require only one step to start your business).Larry Page and Sergey Brin initialized their business in Mountain View, California, United States and became a public company in 2004. (According to 2018 list. The USA ranks 3rd for providing the best environment for starting a business.)

Today Google is one of the most opened websites in the world and it is ruling over the world of high-speed internet.

Mission statement

Their mission statement was "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" and its motto slogan for an employee was “Don’t be evil”.In October 2015, Google became sub-company of Alphabet Inc. This motto was replaced by the new phrase "Do the right thing", while the original one still remains today in the code of conduct of Google.

Obviously, if your motto is to be “don’t be evil” then the more important thing for the company will be to value innovations and its customer.

We will take one example which will prove how they innovated this mission statement. Google’s“20% time” is the result of this philosophy. In this 20% time policy,the employee is allowed to take break daydream about its creativities, because it’s a fact that most talented and creative people can't be forced to work. They need to cut some slack from hectic routine to be creative. In their 20% off time, employees are allowed to think the off-dutystuffand innovateon whatever idea that will be beneficial for Google. As a result, Google news, Oceans and Mars in Google Earth, Google suggestion, and even Google AdSense originated from this 20% time. Today all the human basic needs of data are fulfilled by Google.

Hence,it’sproven that Mission statement is a core of success in any business; it’s not just for the Google only. It can be applied to any business.

What makes Google search engine different?

What makes Google search engines best over its rivals is Google’s interface and search result relevance. You might have seen a small number at the top of the search engine after search result, which signifies that how many results, in how much time was taken to retrieve all these searches. The search engine of Google is also integrated with an update of flights, currency, calculator, maps, news, weather and much more, which is lacking in any of another search engine.

Zero Debt Company

Google is among top “Zero debt”companies, which is also, part of Google’s success because it doesn’t owe any interest and a penny to any other company. This gives Google higher solvency, higher profit margin, and lower break-point of going bankrupt anytime soon.

Google is an ideal example of a company with huge profit but still maintaining its zero debt policy under check.

Good Investment/success not from one place

If you have a business and you want to invest in something better in favor of your company. Then Google is yet again a good example. Google Invested in the right place. YouTube, blogger,andAndroidarean exampleof companies which are not originally owned by Google but later auctioned by Google because they sighted as a part of success for Google.


Today Google’s success is largely based on this factor. The moment they break the trust of its customer, it will face an instant downfall. Imagine all your all emails and credit card datawhich is synced to Google’s server. Big companies have eyes fixed upon Google and waiting to get a chance of slightest of error while handling user data. (Facebook data breach scandal is an example). Google promises its customers for the security of data even Google employees cannot access your data.

They have “wipe-out compliance policy” which help in wiping the Data of a user which he/she doesn’t require anymore. Googleis investing heavily in the security settings of their data centers. They use “Secure Salted Password Hashing” technology to secure your confidential securely. They made “Bug bounty program”which hunt down all vulnerabilities to secure the data.

Comfort of employee

Google Zurich office in Switzerland is a state of art Google’s office. All other offices around the world follow the same concept of office design. It is known for no uniform, no pride or formality,liberty of designing your office, self-service, relaxed atmosphere, subsidized massages, on-site stylists, and three free meals a day for employee comfort. Also, they allow their employee to bring your friends and family tothe company cafeteria.

This work attitude helps in any business because employee ideas are like a seed, if this seedling is given proper nourishment and place to grow, you will taste the ripped sweet fruit of hard work waiting to be harvested. This is what Google did.

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