How To Start A Career in Digital Marketing

Are you planning to start a career in Digital Marketing? Then this is the most suitable time. When compared to earlier times, digital marketing was not seen as a big industry but over the years there has been substantial growth in the Digital Marketing industry. This industry is wide open and with lots of prospects. Hence we are here with a few tips to familiarize yourself with the digital marketing industry and guide you with important steps that will kickstart your digital marketing career. Let us know in detail how digital marketing can upskill your existing career.

Why is the Digital Marketing Industry a Good Career Option?

The transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing was not the quickest. We could still say the transition is not complete. This could be proved with a sole reason of low supply and high demand in the industry. There isn't enough qualified manpower available to meet the demand. Therefore you may also see many digital marketing institutes that are being established to help create skilled manpower for the industry. At present, anyone who is interested in starting a career in Digital Marketing can find it extremely rewarding.

Top 6 Tips To Familiarize Yourself With Digital Marketing

If you want to test whether you have a genuine interest in the Digital Marketing industry or not. Then, you must follow these tips. It will also help you to discover your interest in this industry and familiarize you with what this industry is all about and prepare you for the same.

1. Do A Broad Research

Before starting anything, you must do your own research into Digital Marketing and try to find out what all is there to learn. This will help you map out a short-term plan.

2. Join Digital Marketing Course

Completing a course in digital marketing will help you to know the terms and the do’s and don’ts of the industry. If you are looking to do a digital marketing course in Vadodara, you may need to look for a few things before you choose. Take a look at the academy’s aim, trainers, their modules, etc.

3. Create An Online Presence

Regardless of the platform or social media, an online presence is a must. It allows you to show your skills online and also gives you an idea of the online world. Your online presence creates a good impression on your prospective employers. Platforms like LinkedIn showcase your professional life and tell employers a lot about you.

4. Be Aware of the Latest Trends

The growth of the digital marketing industry is unparalleled in nature. Every now and then you will find new trends or technology emerging and bringing innovation to the industry. Thus, you must catch up with the trends of today and make yourself familiar with them.

5. Build Your Network

Making a career in the digital marketing industry, you must build yourself a strong network. Get your name out there, spread the word about what you are offering. Build connections so that if in the future there is a need for your service or if there is an opportunity for you, you can be contacted.

6. Try Creative Tasks

The digital marketing industry relies heavily on creativity. Practicing tasks that can help your creative thinking can be crucial. Being creative can make you stand out and open a lot of prospects in the field of digital marketing.

What Steps Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Career?

After you have gone through the tips to familiarize yourself with the Digital Marketing industry, you will gain a broader perspective of what interests you in this industry or maybe even make a narrower choice of pursuing a particular field in the industry. In any case, we have provided a few steps you can follow to give your career a boost and make yourself stand out.

1. Know The Basics of Digital Marketing

When you are deciding to start your career in digital marketing then you need to get started with the basics first. You will find only a very few companies willing to train you from scratch. It is always a boost when you are already aware of the basics and then the company can easily help you to connect the dots.

2. Start Your Own Website

Getting started with your own website is another plus to kickstart your digital marketing career. You will get to know the challenges in running a website and what all are required to run the website successfully and your research to run your website will also familiarize you with a few of the terms.

3. Gain Experience As An Intern or A Freelancer

It can be crucial to have industry experience with you when you are about to start your career. Being an intern or working as a freelancer for any digital marketing company will give your resume an instant highlight and may open many opportunities for your career in digital marketing. It is a good tip to start searching for an internship or freelancing job at a startup.

4. Learn About Analytics

One of the most in-demand skills in today’s digital marketing industry is to know about analytics. It can be used for many tasks and helps you to create an analysis of the campaigns that are running and make a report out of it with what is going right and what is going wrong. It helps you to improve and do better campaigns in the future. Therefore learning analytics could give you an edge over others.

5. Learn Digital Marketing Tools

There are many digital marketing tools in the industry, learning a few of them could be very beneficial to you. These tools could help you with various tasks. Be updated with what is in demand the most and get yourself to learn these tools.

6. Earn Trusted Certifications

Prepare yourself to start a career in digital marketing with trusted certifications. You can join digital marketing courses, MIP Academy is one of the well-known digital marketing academies for this. These digital marketing certifications can get you a long way. It is proof of your skills and your learning. It will easily help you to reach the platform and then you have yourself to show those skills and go your way up in the industry.

7. Build Your Own Brand

The creation of a personal brand essentially reveals who you are and what you believe in. Your own brand can create a distinct image in your community. It’s your voice and you need to work on developing it. Having an online presence is a part of creating your own brand.

Knowing these details, you can now pursue your career in digital marketing. You will feel prepared and confident that you have the edge to beat your competition and get yourself a job or can start your own business.

Popular Digital Marketing Career & Their Salaries

Now, to give you an insight on what career path you can choose within the digital marketing industry. We have compiled a few of the popular digital marketing careers and their average salary in India.

  1. DM Manager - ₹549,252
  2. SEO Manager - ₹522,232
  3. SMM Manager - ₹345,831
  4. SEM Manager - ₹880,000
  5. Email Marketing Manager - ₹480,000
  6. Senior Web Developer - ₹667,136
  7. E-commerce Manager - ₹471,699
  8. CRO Manager - ₹500,000


How to become a digital marketing professional is the subject of our article. Detailed information about the subject has been provided. Hope that all the information provided here is helpful to you. Do you think I missed anything that would make a career in digital marketing more exciting? Then do mention in the comment section mentioned below.

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