Should You Bundle Cable, Internet, and Phone

If you are moving into a new house or you are looking to switch your service provider and you are confused that either you should get just the internet or cable TV service or you should get a bundle in which you will get all the three service; Cable TV, Internet, and Phone, we are going to help you out in making that decision.

It all depends on what you are looking for while getting the services and what is your entertainment budget. If you have a budget just for Internet or Cable TV service, you can just get that service which you need the most. If there are some users in your house who likes to watch movies on Netflix and do gaming online, and then there are some users who like to watch sports and news channels on TV and they do long-distance calls as well, you should first prioritize your needs and should surely check the bundles.

Perks you get with bundles

  • With bundles, you get a lot of perks. The main benefit of bundling Cable TV, Internet, and Phone service is that you will not be getting a discount on just one service, you will be getting a discount on all three services. You get special promotional features with the bundles' offer. There are many benefits of getting bundles.
  • You can just purchase all the services from one service provider and that will save the installation cost and that will be convenient for you in the future as well. If in future you plan to move to a different place and you want to keep the same service at the new location as well, it will be easy for you to transfer the services and contacting customer service for such concerns.
  • You will be getting one bill for all the services that you have in your bundle and that bill will cover everything.
  • In bundle packages, you usually get better features. You will be getting faster speeds and more channels, and unlimited calling with amazing voice features when you bundle your services.
  • If you are getting a bundle package, you might get other discounts as well such as free installation, free equipment, no activation charges, etc.

There are different companies that offer amazing triple-play packages. If you are looking to get one, the following are the best triple-play packages. You can pick any of them as per your need and can enjoy the services and the features offered by these companies to its customers.

Windstream Triple Play - Kinetic Gig Internet + Kinetic Select TV + Unlimited Phone

Windstream offers this bundle with fiber technology and you get amazing speeds and features with the bundle. With Windstream internet services, you will be getting the downloading speed of up to 1Gbps and that too will be coming with an unlimited data cap which means that there is no data limit. With Windstream internet services, you can stream and download as much as you want to. If you have your modem and that is compatible, you can use your own modem as well.

With the cable TV service, you will be getting 190+ channels that will include all the basic regular channels and will include sports and kids channels as well.

With the home phone service with Windstream, you get unlimited nationwide calling and that will include calls to mobile as well. With Windstream phone service, you get unlimited local and long-distance calls.

The best part is that this package offered by Windstream comes with no contract and at a promotional price. Windstream charges $109.99 per month for this bundle. With this deal, you will be getting up to $150 credit when you will order online.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Spectrum is considered the second-largest cable company in America and millions of people get services from Spectrum and they are satisfied with the services and the prices. Spectrum offers different bundle packages, but when it comes to the best bundle package, Spectrum triple play silver is considered as the best bundle deal.

With Spectrum internet in this package, you get downloading speed of up to 200Mbps with no data cap and at no additional cost, you will be getting an internet security suite and a free internet modem.

With cable TV service offered by Spectrum, you get 175+ channels that include the regular local channels and some premium channels as well. You will be getting access to the on-demand content as well. Spectrum gives an app to its customers and with that app, you can log in anywhere, anytime, and can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

With the Spectrum phone service, you get not just unlimited local calling but long-distance calling as well with a free private number.

Spectrum charges $132.97 for this package per month with no contract and a price lock-in of a year or two. The price lock-in duration depends on your area. In some areas, you get a price lock-in of a year and in some areas, you get a price lock-in of 2 years so that all depends on the promotion running in your area.

Summing it up

Getting a bundle offer is always a good option if you want services at a discounted price. If you want to get just one service and if you are on a low budget then it’s all on you that what is your priority but the more you bundle, the more you will save.

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