Search Engine & Google Ranking Factor 2024

A search engine refers to a specific program that displays users by creating a classified list of saved documents or documents

based on a specific word or keyword. Today, search engines are meant to mean Google, Yahoo, Bing, which helps find various information on the Internet.

SEO Google Ranking Factor
Your webpage’s structure plays a vital role in ranking SEO or search engine. Below is a description of some of the open subjects that play an important role in ranking in search engines.

UseKeyword in Title
Meta title plays a vital role for search engines. It is understood that the content of a webpage is made up of the title. Search engines have meta title as the main title in their search results. If you add keywords to titles, search engines give it importance.
Try to use Keyword Title first. The site that keywords are placed in the center or at the end of the keywords placed at the top of the keywords are ahead of the comparison.

Use of keywords in meta description
At present, SEO Specialists make the Meta Description a priority. The meta decryption is very important to create the first concept of the user. Search engines give meta decryption a lot. Meta decryption keyword attachments for users and search engines inspire the user to enter the site.

Use of the key-ward in the original article of the page
The KeyWord used in the original article of the page, which was used by Black Hat SEO to fill the entire site with the Key word. Now those things are illegal in Google. But the use of keywords on content indicates how relevant the article is to search engines.

The length of the article
Those who currently search online are not satisfied with just the basic things. They look online to learn something. Google shows first-ranking basic content sites in the ranking.
It is a matter of general intelligence that if content is large, you will have the opportunity to discuss it more. So always include information rich and beneficial topics on content.

Copy writing
Always all matters are not considered important for the ranking. If there are different sites on the same writing, your site ranking may be deteriorated rather than improve. So try to write something new and useful.

Canonical tag
Sometimes there may be similar types of URLs in two URLs on the same site. For example, if you keep on the shortcut to WordPress, you can see the same page but the URL 2. Use this type of field canonical tag. Google does not think of two URLs.

Image Optimization
According to Google’s algorithm, Google always likes content updates. This does not mean that you always edit your page. In the case of commercial pages, product descriptions are not subject to change over time according to Google’s algorithm, as blog posts of changeable blogs are not suitable. Update time content such as 1 time a year

Outbound links
Linking to the trusted webpage, Google also looks at the website with loyalty. Very easy to think, why do you send a user to your site from another site? Of course for more details. This issue to Google is a symbol of faithfulness. So many more outbound links will reduce the page rank on your site. Use outbound links but be careful. While writing your guest post, add few relevant internal and external links. Internal links can direct readers to other articles of the target website, while external links send to guest author website.

Including a keyword in the URL
If your URL is included in the URL, then your site will become more relevant to Google. Use the minus symbol for multiple words. Use the .com / your key-word.

Site related issues
Search engines rank high on certain sites in the ranking of the site.

Sitemap helps to add all the pages to the search engine. This is a very common, but most effective method which refers to Google, which includes some pages on any website.

Domain Fidelity
Google continues to rank its trusted worlds ranking. But how to achieve this fidelity? Brine has published a complete list of loyalty to Google’s backlink website. (Link). So as much as you can attain fidelity, your site will be ahead of Google.

Server location
Various SEO Specialists have expressed that the site’s location is placed in the specified area / site ranking in the country.

Mobile friendly site
Only 1 year ago, 46% of users used to search the site through mobile. Currently these figures have increased further. The mobile website puts gourd in Google ranking.

Off-site SEO Ranking Factor
In order to display a site in Google Maps, the site factor apart from external factors also play an important role for Google. Below are some things to mention.

Linked Domain Organization
Important is the number of domains associated with your site for ranking.

Number of Linked Pages
Not only the domain, but also the link to any relevant page is also important. Like high-PR-backed sites, Google continues to link sites with trusted domains. Many SEO experts believe that Google’s ranking is ahead in the site with links to relevant pages.

HomePage Link
According to various SEO experts, the linked page of the home page is more productive than the comparison of the other page link.

Do-Follow and No-Follow Link
According to Google’s official comments, Google has excluded the no-follow (rel = nofollow) link from their calculations (source). So Du-Follow Link plays a very important role in the ranking of sites.
Similar Anchor tag Links are considered spam and have a negative impact on ranking. So try to bring diversity to the link.

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