10 Reasons to Consider a Readymade Script to Create your Live Webcam Site

On the verge of starting an online business, entrepreneurs have two options: Either develop the website from scratch or purchase a readymadesolution.

At present, a successful business is the one that offers a perfect business model and can shine in a niche. However, it’s a bit challenging task to pull off some entirely new business models but shining in the niche could be an easier option.

That’s where readymade solutions come with profitable and established business ideas. Also known as clone scripts, readymadesolutions are inspired by existing and successful business models, their concept, and functionalities.

Live webcam business is one such idea and there are so many businesses already working successfully in the niche. So, if you are thinking about how to start a webcam business most easily, a readymade script could be a precise answer to this question.

In this article we are going to discuss the requirements to build sites like Chaturbate or any popular webcam business you might think is a perfect fit. On a broader perspective, we will also go through a cost comparison of readymade scripts and scratch development to see which one fits right into your investment budget.

What is a readymade script?

Readymade scripts mimic the business models of popular websites. You can immediately purchase a readymade or clone script and put it to action by going through a mere GUI-based setup process. Web development companies offer clone scripts as handy solutions to people looking for inspired business solutions. They need not waste any time and can put their idea into action immediately.

One of the most important aspects of a clone or a readymade script is it also offers the source code. You can always access the source code to perform customizations. This lets an entrepreneur not only start a business quickly but also perform quick customizations to add any unique feature.

Let’s say you want to build a site like Chaturbate, but also want to add some extra features that are not there in the original Chaturbate site. You can simply customize the source code of a Chaturbate clone script and achieve the same.

Cost comparison: Chaturbate clone script VS Scratch development

The comprehensive perspective of a webcam modeling platform can be summarized into-

  • High-end- Full package of website and all the required mobile apps
  • Moderate- A package with website and maybe some mobile apps
  • Basic- A package with only website solutions.

However, when it comes to readymade scripts, depending onthe vendors, you can always get a deal much affordable than that of scratch development. There are three further aspects involved while going for a clone script, too.

  • Do you want a basic website script with similar features?
  • Do you want an entire package with the website and mobile apps?
  • Do you also want some customizations (Both UI and features)?

Here is a cost comparison based on all six aspects and perspectives discussed above-

Approach Cost Type High-End

(Responsive Website + Mobile Apps)


(Responsive Website)


(Website basic features)



Development From Scratch

Average Development Cost $500,000 $15,000 $15,000
Overall Project Cost $100,000 TO $1000,000 $7,000






Hourly Rate $400









Chaturbate Clone Scripts Base Script cost $1500 $700
Customization (Hourly Rate) $100






The overall cost to build sites like Chaturbate depend on the technologyrequisites, essential third-party APIs for numerous services, and desired features. Given above is a minimum cost projection, which will further increase based on customizations and additional requirements besides basic features. However, the overall cost of developing a camming platform using a readymade script would always be much less than that of development from scratch.

Overall Comparison: 10 reasons to choose a readymade script to create a webcam site

Below is an overall comparison and how both the approaches differ in certain aspects.

  Readymade Script VS Development from Scratch
1 No additional time needed for development. The script can be hosted on the go. Time Takes significant time for development, testing, and deployment.
2 Comes with readymade and well researched and tested features. Most of the time, you need not develop anything extra. Features Has to build every feature from scratch. Requires comprehensive research and feasibility testing for each feature you want to add.
3 Highly customizable and it leads to cheaper customization costs as well. Customizability Depends on the development model followed. Customization cost may be higher than script customization.
4 Cost-effective (as saw on the above section) Cost Highly expensive
5 Already tested the in-house teams. You can also test before purchasing; just to be ensured. Testing Has to test regressively and fix all the bugs. However, still many bugs go unnoticed. They can be perfected only after a while of going live.
6 Quick implementation of the custom features. Implementation Takes some time.
7 Open-source code languages that can be understood by any third-party developer. Vendors offer documentation for references. Technologies Depends on the developer’s proficiency over a particular tech stack and how well he/she has documented the project.
8 Quick deployment in hours or minutes. Deployment Takes time and lots of testing with several web hosts.
9 Vendors provide Free demo for testing and preview. Preview Overall preview is possible only after development.
10 Many scripts come with inbuilt Model APIs from model suppliers. You can get models to perform right from the first day. Models Recruitment Have to recruit models or tie-up with model suppliers. Beginning from scratch is not easy or quick.

Using a readymade script can be a thus more profitable and practical solution to start a webcam modeling site like Chaturbate. The best part is, the market is full of Chaturbate clones and script vendors. You can leverage the tight competition to get a good deal.

Visit the websites of all popular clone script and readymade solutions provide. Test their demo thoroughly while also comparing the features-to-cost ratio. I am certain that you will find a perfectly suitable script for your project based on your investment budget.

How to Setup a webcam website like Chaturbate with Clone Script?

It’s not much of a big deal. All popular script vendors offer installation, setup, and deployment support. Just ask them and they will set up your platform on any web server of your choice. In fact, many webcam scripts vendors also provide readymade model APIs. You need not even hire your models by yourself. These APIs come inbuilt with hundreds of model profiles. You can start making money right from the first day of going live with your webcam modeling business.

Moreover, you may also consult the vendors for findinga suitable adult web host for your project. The vendors generally have tie-ups with web hosting providers and offer good deals on hosting as well.I know some vendors who provide free domain registration and up to 70% off on adult web hosting. Don’t want to name anyone, but there are many such hosts in the market. You just have to ask your vendor or do a Google search.

So, this was how to setup a webcam websitelike Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and others without investing a fortune in the development part. I hope it was helpful.

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