React Native Developer Rates based on the Country

Want to hire a React Native developer for your work? But worried about the rates of such developers. Or if you are thinking of becoming a React Native Developer and want to know about its scope in different countries.

You are then in the right place because today, in this article, we’ll be discussing the rates or can say React Native developers salary in different countries.

But before we dive into the rates, let’s know a bit about what exactly a React Native developer does. Well, React Native is genuinely a powerful open-source framework that is created and powered by Facebook. This framework allows you to build fast and robust mobile applications for iOS, Android, Web, and UWP.

And a React Native developer builds such Android/iOS apps depending upon the requirements. The developer writes good code and structure for the app, integrates APIs, maintains the standard and advanced features of React Native apps.

So, overall React Native developers do everything that is involved in creating a top-notch user-friendly app. The developers must also have skills in JavaScript, Android, and iOS development because it is the basic requirement for developing an app.

So, now let’s see what the React Native developer rates in different countries are.

As you might know, location is the main factor which determines the salary of almost every profession. In React Native developers’ case, the work is almost the same for all, but the quality and rates differ.

A few countries give almost the same quality of work, but the salary amount is a lot different. Out of these countries, we’ve compared the three- Ukraine, Germany, and Canada.

You need to note that the given salaries are an average and may differ from the actual salaries.

Country NameJunior React Native Developer (Salary per Year)Senior React Native Developer (Salary per Year)

It is quite visible that there is a huge difference between these three countries’ salaries while the quality of the work that developers deliver is the same. You can also see that the rates of developers in Canada are much more than the other three.

If we compare and observe, we can conclude that the quality of Ukrainian developers is at the top, and their rates are low. This can also give you a strong reason to hire a React Native developer from Ukraine because you’ll have to pay less, and you’ll receive a good quality application.

In every profession, a junior or a fresher salary is low compared to a senior or experienced. Similarly, the rates of React Native developers depend upon their experience and skills as well.

So, let’s see the rates for different countries apart from the countries mentioned above. 

  • United States – $70,000 to $190,000 per year
  • Australia- $50,000 to $112,000 per year
  • India – $20,000 per year
  • Spain – $40,000 per year
  • United Kingdom – $80,000 per year

Besides this, the rate of a freelance React Native developer on an average is $70 – $100 per hour in the US. Depending upon the Country and level of experience, this can either decrease or increase. If we see the overall earning of a freelance React Native developer in the U.S. earning around $90 per hour, he can earn around $170,000 annually, which is more than others.

Whenever you invest your money to get your work done, you must make sure that the person you are trusting is worthwhile and can deliver you the app with top quality features. So, you need to make sure that before you hire, the person has the expected skills and knows everything about the React Native framework and proves to be an excellent React native developer.

Well, to wrap up this article, you must have an idea about React Native developers’ rates in different countries. Once again, you must know that the amount written in the article is to give you a rough idea and is not the exact rates, as every person has different requirements, experience, and knowledge, so these rates vary. To suggest one thing, if you want to save money and get a top-quality result, then you can go for the best React Native developers in Ukraine.

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