Pros & Cons of Cheap vs Expensive Web Designers

Have you decided to launch a website for your business? Torn between hiring someone that is affordable VS someone that charges a premium for their services? No need to worry because you are at the right place. Below is a comparison between affordable web design and high-ticket web designers.

 The Pros of Hiring A Cheap Web Designer

 Great for Those on A Tight Budget

 If you are on a tight budget, then going with a cheaper designer might be right for you. You might not get the best website possible. However, you can get something you can work with. Later down the road, you can always invest in a higher quality site.

 A Quick Turnaround

 Those offering discounted rates will often try to pump out websites as fast as possible. Because of this, your chances of getting a quick turnaround are high. If you need a website fast, this is probably your best bet. In just a few days, you will have a working website that you can start adding content to.

 Lack of Communication

 When designers have super-low prices, they are often simply too busy to communicate with their clients. They are likely working on a ton of projects and can’t spend the time needed to communicate with you properly.

Cons of Hiring A Cheap Web Designer

Originality May Not Be There

 Those charging low rates often use templates to build websites. These templates lack originality and don’t be surprised if your website looks just like many of the others online. If you want something original, you will have to pay more for your site. Building a website from scratch takes time.

 Not the Best Quality

 When you hire a designer at the cheapest rates, chances are you not going to get the best quality site. Many designers that work for cheap don’t have the experience as those charging higher rates. You will most likely get what you pay for.

 They Might Be A Waste of Time

 Some fly-by-night designers are simply not worth dealing with. They provide shotty work and sometimes disappear with your money. Make sure you check out the credentials first before you hire anyone to build a website. This will help you limit your chances of wasting your time and money.

The Pros of Hiring an Expensive Web Designer

 A High-Quality Website

 If you require a high-quality website, you should find someone that charges a little more for their services. Most designers that charge more are going to build websites from scratch. 

Support After the Sale

 Most web design firms that cost more to hire offer support after the sale. If you have an issue with the site after you buy it, they will be there to fix it. You are not likely to experience that with most developers who charge cheaper rates.

They Have A Proven Track Record

 Firms ask a higher rate for their work often have a proven track record. Such experts have a large portfolio of projects, reviews and tons of references. There will be the peace of mind knowing that a professional is working on your project. On the other hand, those that charge bottom rates might be just starting out and have no proof of past work.

Cons of Hiring an Expensive Web Designer

 Might Be Out of Your Price Range

 Someone that charges $50 dollars an hour for web design might do a great job building your site. However, that may be way over your operating budget. When choosing a web designer, first, look at how much you can spend on the entire project. This will help you determine which person is the right one for you.

They Are Often Super Busy

 High dollar web designers are often in high demand. These developers are good at what they do, and people want them to work on their projects. They often have a lot on their plate and might not be able to get to your site right away. If you need something fast, you may have to go with someone more affordable.

 As you can see, there are benefits to both types of web designers. However, if you want to get the most for your money, it is a good idea to hire someone that is in the middle. A good web designer should offer competitive rates but not be the cheapest person selling their services. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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