Popular Trends In Logo Design For Your New Website

There’s tough competition among businesses. In the business industry, you need to stand out from the rest of your competitors, otherwise, your enterprise will be a complete flop. One way to do this is to establish a unique brand that speaks of your company’s values and goals. The most paramount part of your brand identity is your logo. This sets an impression on your potential customers’ minds regarding your business through visual elements.

A well-curated logo resonates well with your brand identity and target market. Moreover, landing pages, social media platforms, business cards, and other business-related documents use a company logo. This makes the business logo the most ubiquitous graphic design entity that represents your company.

Take a dash of inspiration from the six most popular trends in logo design for your new website. These design fads will help squeeze your creative juices so you could come up with the most compelling and fascinating logo design that’ll definitely make your business a cut above the rest.

1. Employ Simple Geometry

The most timeless logos are those with geometric pieces. From time immemorial, most businesses have been using logos with various forms and shapes.

However, the minimalistic trend has greatly influenced the world. That includes the simplistic use of geometry which made an uproar into visual arts.The strict adherence to minimalistic shapes and lines gives a waft of control to your logo yet it gives you the freedom to make an emphasis on the design, such as by employing eye-popping colors.

You can use simple geometry without sacrificing the visual meaning of your logo, allowing your brand to become interestingly attractive.

2. Apply Symmetry

One of the integral principles of design is balance. And symmetry is perhaps the absolute embodiment of it. This means that the features of the design, when cut in half, are exactly the same on each side, creating a sense of order and stability.

Most of the prevalent graphic designs have been using symmetry in geometrical designs. Yet, symmetrical touch can also emerge and be applied in personalized sketch logos, which are very trendy these days.

The similarity and monotony of symmetry tend to be repetitive, redundant, and boring. However, one of the highlights of this trend is the aesthetically pleasing result produced by maintaining a satisfying equilibrium among the elements on both sides.

Some designers like Greybox Creative are so prolific in using symmetry as a strong principle for their graphic design outputs. Moreover, several websites are also applying this orderly creative trend to their brand logos, making a more put-together look of their identity

3. Go Wacky With Characters

There’s an increasing trend in logo design that features having outlandish, over-the-top, and witty logos with quirky cartoons. These logos still give an effective delivery of the brand’s message while mixing it with creativity and a good sense of humor.

It’s nice to give a fresher take on your logo that attracts more engagements, making your website more distinctive. It’s best to apply this kind of trend if your business is bubbly and jovial in nature,reflecting the happy personality of your brand. There are a lot of examples that can be taken inspiration from such logos that personify a doughnut into a chef or a rat that’s wearing a medical robe with a stethoscope around the neck. Applying this graphic trend can give your audience a good laugh and make them have a sense of belongingness.

A brand’s identity is a company’s greatest asset. So, when hiring a web design agency, make sure to tell them your company’s personality so the designer could align it to the design of your logo. Visiting websites in the graphic design niche gives overflowing visual ideas to passionate artisans like you so you or your graphic designer can create the most visually pleasing and meaningful logo for your brand.

4. Have A Contemporary Symbolism

Art is evergreen. It has gone through multiple phases, from Baroque and neoclassical to pop art and postmodernism. These timelines have become the timeless foundations of design trends.

This year, artists have created a new trend—putting a contemporary twist to classical symbols when creating a company logo for business. 

Using this trend to your logo associates your brand’s vision with some ancient virtues such as using a phoenix for rebirth or everlasting service and libra to depict justice.

5. Use Diverse Letters

The business industry is filled with logos focusing on the use of typeface. However, this has become too basic and plain through the years.

Using diverse letters gives liberty to the designers to execute their creativity in graphic design further, such as changing ordinary logos like basic typeface with minimal graphic touch into eye-catching ones like quirky or wacky visual edits of a letter or two, breaking the boundaries set in designing a typographical logo.

Today, designers take it to the next step by diversifying letters away from their original form. To do this, you manipulate the appearance of a simple letter in your logo to align it to your brand identity. For example, transforming the letter “o” into an image of the moon to depict a moon lamp shop called ‘Moonlight’ canclearly represent the brand.

6. Choose The Right Colors

Color selection for a brand logo remains one of the biggest struggles of designers, even of the most seasoned artists. Each color carries emotions that may affect your viewers in different ways. To come up with a color scheme, it’s also helpful to understand the color psychology and honor your branding in creating your business’s new stunning website.

Get Your Website Noticed

Everything on the internet is constantly evolving, so is graphic design. There’s an unspoken rule in arts––you must stay true to your passion but you must also stay on top. For startup businesses, creating a logo is very crucial as it can make or break your brand’s identity. The logo should be in line with what you believe in, your vision for the business, and your passion to be competitively good in the marketplace. For those existing businesses, you might want to consider rebranding to stay relevant in the business.

Regardless of whether you’re starting, rebranding, or if you happen to own a web design agency, it’s necessary to remember the basic requirements of a good logo design—it should be relevant, memorable, versatile, and above all, timeless.

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