5 Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is considered one of the most well-known social media platforms because of the staggering number of active users it has every day. In fact, it’s reported that 79% of its monthly users, both old and new, are active on the platform daily. So, tapping into Facebook as an avenue to place ads may be the key for your company to grow.

However, if not used correctly, your Facebook ad campaign may burn a hole in your pocket. This is because Facebook ads, or the company utilizing them, is gradually becoming more competitive. In fact, 92% of social marketers are using Facebook as part of their marketing strategies.

Also, as the platform is no longer new, it’s a given that there are plenty of companies that have already allocated a huge sum of their marketing budget to tracking, running, and tweaking their Facebook ad campaign.

With that said, if you’re not confident handling your Facebook ad campaign yet want to tap into the lead-generating opportunities it brings, it’s best to resort to a Facebook advertising agency. On the other hand, if you want to dip your toes into Facebook ads, here are some tips to optimize your campaign:

  1. Have A Clear Idea Of Your Campaign’s Goals

Before creating a Facebook ad, you must first set your campaign’s goals. Keep in mind that your goals will change depending on your business, how many social media platforms you use, or whether you’ll post organically. However, here are the typical goals that businesses can choose from:

  • Gain more website visitors
  • Receive more messages
  • Promotion, like your brand-new app or product
  • Generate more leads
  • Automated ads or ads that are adjustable over time
  1. Manage Brand Exposure by Monitoring Ad Frequency

Ad frequency is the number you set that determines how many times your target audience will see your advertising campaign. Take note that Facebook users will most likely recall your ad if they see it frequently. However, if they constantly notice your ad, they may ignore the details in it, which diminishes the ad’s efficiency and will cost your company money.

To find the perfect frequency or optimize your ad campaign for better exposure, take note of the frequency cap in your advertising report. Then, watch how a specific ad frequency affects your costs. For instance, if you’ve set the frequency to 1.7, add a new target audience and duplicate your ads if the cost per result significantly increases. Doing so will reset your campaign as it’ll refresh the target audience. You can find the right facebook ad template for every type of ads.

  1. Have Flexibility With Your Ad Placements

Being flexible with your ad placements will allow it to perform optimally. This is because a well-placed ad is more likely to reach the right customers, driving positive results for your company. So, refrain from constricting your ad placements. This means you should select “Automatic Placements.” Doing so will enable Facebook’s system to dynamically deliver your ads based on where they’ll get the best performance. You should also take steps as some people can access other people’s Facebook accounts. The extra layer of security can help you to protect hacking.

  1. Deliver Your Ads To The Right Audience

As Facebook has around 2.91 billion active users, it may be costly and time-consuming for your marketing team to have an ad campaign without matching it to your brand’s intended audience. Hence, one of the ways to optimize your Facebook ad campaign is to match the right audience with your ads.

To define or target the right audience for your ad campaign, begin with Facebook Audience Insights. With this, you can now filter Facebook users by gender, age, and location. You can even add interests, so it’ll perfectly match the right audience. Facebook Audience Insights will also allow you to see what pages a user is connected to, their recent purchases and activity, and many more!

  1. Optimize For Business Outcomes, Not Clicks

Lastly, in addition to targeting the right audience, it’s also important to have an ad delivery optimization that reflects your campaign’s goals. Doing so will allow Facebook’s algorithm to target users who are more likely to take a desired action, like making a purchase.

However, if you optimize your ad campaign around clicks, like visiting your store or signing up, it may not bring positive results. This is because you’ll inform Facebook’s algorithm to look for people who’ve clicked on a lot of ads. These types of users may not help achieve your ultimate goal, which is to make them purchase your product/service.

Thus, always optimize your campaign based on your goals, not on how many clicks it can generate.


Keep in mind that Facebook regularly updates its algorithm for ads; the platform may even introduce new methods and features that’ll change how to optimize Facebook ads. So, any Facebook ad optimization tips will always evolve. This is why, to ensure you always have a favorable outcome, leave your business’ marketing strategies to a professional.

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