Modern Technology Has Made Life More Convenient

We don’t exactly share our homes with multi-functional house robots the way that was envisioned in the 50s and 60s... yet. We do, however, live in a time when smart home technology allows us to monitor and control many aspects of daily life with ease. We can switch our lights and central heating without being at home with the touch of a button, and keep an eye on our bills via apps on our smartphones. We can even ask our vacuums to give the floor a once over before our significant others walk through the door.

Modern technology is developing constantly. The motivation for innovation is to make our lives easier by using email tracking for Gmail for those who are working remotely. In this article, we look at some of the ways in which advancements in technology can make life more convenient for us all.


It’s predicted that within the next decade almost 40% of people working full-time will be doing so remotely. The growth of mobile and internet technology has completely transformed the ways in which we can earn, and the practicality of working off-site. Personally, I’ve mastered the art of drinking coffee and checking out Instagram posts while I work from coffee shops around the city, but we can work anywhere in the world just as easily. Wi-fi connectivity is universally available, and is even free in many places. All you need to set up wherever you like is your computer and a secure bag suitable for travel. Head over to for some up to date reviews of some of the best laptop bags.

Effectively, technology has managed to blur the lines between two of life’s most satisfying constituents – work and travel. Thanks to modern advancements, is it now more accessible than ever for more people to enjoy both. Not only that, but studies suggest that individuals working remotely are more productive, so it’s great for business too.


Online shopping may not be new, but it shows no signs of abating. Internet retailers continue to outstrip their high street counterparts as online shopping surges, especially during the holidays. It is easy to understand why. Traditional retail simply can’t compete with the range and availability of what can be found online, nor the prices. Abolishing the hassle of dealing with sales assistants, crowds, and hauling your purchases around, shopping online is the choice of convenience. Having items delivered to your door is enhanced with cheap, next day delivery, hassle free returns, and effective customer service, all now the norm. All of these benefits make it an even more attractive option.

At home devices like smart speakers and dash buttons allow you to order your essentials and regular orders with voice commands and at the touch of a button.


The influence of technology on the entertainment industry is plain to see. High density resolution T.V.s and game consoles with incredible processing power are in our homes, giving us industry quality at our fingertips. It’s influence on how we receive entertainment has also seen an incredible shift. Rental businesses that once thrived and entertainment retailers have become largely redundant, replaced with fast and efficient streaming and download services. A wealth of content is available on demand without leaving the comfort of your home. What’s more is that digital media is compatible, linkable, and transferable between our home computers and our portable devices. We now have access to entertainment no matter where we are for small one-off fees, or cost effective subscriptions.

Convenience has had a huge impact on the television, music, and film industries.

The key to these advancements is communication. Wider, quicker means of communication will continue to evolve and develop and with it the convenience of technology. As there seems to be no limit to our capacity for imagination and creativity the possibilities of what may come is truly exciting.

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