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The techniques of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are one of the key pillars in digital marketing. With billions of web searches every day, as an online business, you have to aim high with your SEO strategy. That usually means collaborating with a top-tier SEO agency who have proven experience in boosting your search engine ranking and elevating your brand awareness. The Sydney-based Blurn agency is arguably the best SEO agency you’ll ever work with, boasting more than 15 years of record-breaking results for top-tier, global clients. Let’s find out more about SEO, and what makes the Blurn approach just a little bit different.

A Basic Guide to Search Engine Optimisation
Why is SEO such an important strategy to have in your overall digital marketing toolbox? It’s a collection of processes that helps optimise your site for visibility, with strategies such as relevant keywords, link-building, unique content, functional navigational tools and more. If you get it right, your website is deemed more important in the search engine’s digital footprint. You see, the number one goal of the big search engines is essentially to deliver great content results that are relevant to their users.

The Blurn SEO Approach: it’s a little bit different
The team at Blurn are a professional collective of SEO specialists, technical gurus and ex-Googlers. They really know their stuff and have been making waves in the digital marketing realm for more than 15 years now. Founded by Navin Shanmugarajan, with a distinguished background in global lead acquisition, brand building and digital marketing, Blurb is a family-run business. Their key focus is excellent customer service and gaining record results and profits for their clients. Blurb offers a comprehensive approach to their SEO services, tackling everything from small business SEO to international SEO, along with specialised ecommerce services. They also are adept and strategising and planning a local SEO plan — did you know that almost half of all Google searches include local intent.

The Benefits of SEO + Partnering with Blurn
At Blurn, they cover just about everything that will help you gain visibility and ranking on search engine optimisation pages. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you talk to the experts at Blurn and map out your SEO goals with the team:

  • Boost quality traffic to your website
  • Increase the visibility of your website pages on the major search engines
  • Optimise your online content with targeted, relevant keywords
  • Blurn have specific SEO tools and specialised knowledge
  • Specialised multinational experts to assist with international SEO
  • Grow your market with targeted SEO strategies
  • Make your mark within your niche and outrank your competitors

The Last (Key) Word
Blurn are expert at understanding marketing funnels and targeting conversions at each stage through SEO expertise with keywords, link-building and unique content. At Blurn, you’ll receive 24/7 support and exemplary customer service. Contact the expert team at Blurn for a 100% trusted and transparent approach to your SEO strategy to elevate your search engine ranking, conversions, and even your profits.

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