Kotlin or Java: Which one to Opt for Android App Development?

When you think about Android development, there is no doubt that Java enjoys a superior position on programming language and immediately springs to mind. Kotlin is the new language in Android and android officially adopting Kotlin as a statically typed programming language. Kotlin may replace Java in the future.

While it’s true that android app developers should be asking about should I learn Kotlin or Java?

After building an android app you need to test the app to remove the error. This tool is provided by the repeato.app helps to test the android app. That is a UI test automation tool for android apps that works based on computer vision and machine learning and does not require coding skills.

From a learning point of view, starting with Java as there are many best resources that you will not found in while Kotlin resource. Unfortunately, Java is also a little complicated and Kotlin is a language that runs on the JVM. Kotlin is possible to use this language for Android developers. You can write Android apps in any language but Android developers but Android does not use the JVM.

Kotlin as an officially supported language for developing the android apps was a bit slow to pick up but with the full support from Google. Google I/O has announced has made it to the top of statically typed programming language “top languages to learn next” lists. But is it keeping up with the rapid pace future of Android development and or just another overhyped tech?

What’s wrong with Java and Java pain points in Android development:-

  • Java is error-prone
  • Verbosity and ceremony
  • Null references are controlled by the type system.
  • No raw types
  • Arrays in Kotlin are invariant
  • Great IDE and tooling support
  • Kotlin is an enterprise language
  • Use-site variance without wildcards
  • Kotlin does not have checked exceptions

In this article, we will go a little deep into why Kotlin excels over Java and how certain features of Kotlin solve many of the pain points with Java for your Android mobile app development. In this article, developers get the benefits of moving to Kotlin readable language that more productive for the developer and a better choice for you.

Let’s take a look at why Kotlin is a favorite powerful language that streamlines Android App Development. Should you consider a change?

Kotlin: Why you should care?

Kotlin’s general-purpose statically-typed programming language was introduced in 2011 by JetBrains, the company best known for its IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment who most of the time was using almost entirely Java. Kotlin is a JVM language. Kotlin is targeted on the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin an official Android coding language. The language is compiled in Java 6/8 something called bytecode, but can also be compiled when other languages don’t into JavaScript and into react native also. Get new tips to develop the app from app developer NYC.

In 2017, Google made Kotlin an officially statically-typed supported language for Android.

Why should you care and why use Kotlin for Android Development??

Easy to Set Up:

In general, Kotlin has many benefits for developers had converting your code from Java to Kotlin is easy, and adding the plugin to a new Android project. But with Android Studio 3.0, using extremely easy to start using Kotlin for Android development and become a whole lot easier. You simply need to tick and can choose to create the activity in the ‘Include Kotlin Support’ box while configuring the new project you can use the automated converter tool to convert it in Android Studio.

Kotlin is 100% Interoperable with Java

Kotlin works side by side with Java-based programming language and is officially presented as an Android support language. Kotlin is a language that is completely “interoperable” with Java. This makes it easier for you to use Kotlin and you can add Kotlin code to your existing project. Kotlin and Java are the languages that generate similar bytecodes. Developers can write simple parts of your app in Kotlin that will work its constructs and syntax. The Kotlin-Java mix code is working well in my project.

Minimizes Boiler Plate Code, be happy:

Kotlin is way more readable too, more productive, reduces a lot of the boilerplate code, and now the official language of Android development, and developers must write every day suggesting learning Java. The fewer takes 50 lines of code in Java of code further Kotlin can generate all that by itself and enhance the speed of your app development lifecycle.

Safety From Null References:

Kotlin is so concerned about this, Android App development professionals believe that NullPointerExceptions has been one of the most common safety features in Kotlin. NullPointerException a chance to live one more Exception and a very simple way of representing the absence of a value. Kotlin Null Safety is considered the most common reason for crashes and with a safe call operator to use over in Android Apps today. You can easily get rid of NullPointerExceptions (NPE) in Kotlin.


Kotlin is an enterprise language and Try it yourself

Should an Android developer use Kotlin or Java? Firstly, Kotlin is scarce, compared to Java, and only beginning to ride the growth curve. Secondly, you should try out Kotlin such as support for Lambda expressions, and start enjoying the benefits of creating less code compared to Java and easier to understand and learn other advantages from this new language.

And thirdly, Kotlin is a friendly language to start with a superior programming language for Android applications. Kotlin can help Android developers make your life easier. Until now, what you do for an Android application written in Java, continues to be the most popular language app for development.

Thanks for reading this post. Of course, I’ll continue writing more articles about Kotlin and Android, so keep in touch! I am always open to questions and comments.

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