Key Electronic Signature Implementation Trends to Look for in 2020

The global electronic signature solution market has been constantly evolving over the past few years and is expected to continually grow into the future. Signing contracts electronically is no longer seen as a mere gimmick, it is now a key valuable piece of conducting business today. The number of transactions made worldwide with eSignatures grew from 220 million in 2015 to 790 million in 2019.

Now, electronic signature technology use has increased in 2020 at a blistering pace. The continually growing need of eSignature solutions to improve technological innovations, improve data security, process scalability, and eliminating fraudulent activities are driving this large market growth.

Cloud-based eSignature solutions are projected to be the biggest deployment segment because they minimize the total operational cost of completing everyday tasks with less time than ever before.  This year, organizations will be searching for a robust electronic signature software that can meet the latest security standards and is easy to use across any smart device while also being cost-effective in the long-run. Get tips for identity verification using the latest AI & biometric technologies.

Focus on a Quick, Easy, and Intuitive Electronic Signature Implementation

Now more than ever you need the ability to electronically sign documents on any smart device, desktop, plus even when you’re offline. By allowing users to electronically sign contracts and other necessary documents virtually speeds up the overall document turnaround times by almost 90%. Users can receive the contracts back fully signed in under 30 seconds by their business partners, clients, third party vendors, and staff member. It is cost-effective and a time-saver which enables you to close more deals quickly, regardless of your global location or device.

Electronic Signature with High Level Security

As the occurrences of data breaches and fraudulent activities continue to plague today’s digital business, organizations are looking for more advanced authentication options in order to verify the identity of each participant involved in a digital transaction or contract.

For this reason, electronic signature platforms must be compliant with the current and essential security measures. With a good electronic signature supplier, you can also receive absolute control over your eSign processes and overall document tracking. You need to check whether your subscription includes a password-protected platform login with easy access audit trails.

Cost-effective When Compared with Traditional Paper-based Methods

An eSignature software solution will save a great deal of capital on paper and other related supplies. By completing contract processes fully online, you could save up to about 9,000 sheets of paper each year. It also will cut maintenance and printing costs as well; something many companies would like to eliminate once and for all. Plus, you will save space in the workplace when bulky file cabinets are replaced with cloud storage or compact hard drives. With only a few clicks, any contract you need is in front of you on the screen, available at your fingertips. Hence, no more endless shuffling through paper stored files in dusty old file cabinets.

Easy to Integrate with Other Existing Applications

Electronic signature solutions which integrate with popular third-party vendors means you can easily import documents and necessary users to receive all documents signed in only a few simple steps. You can also build any custom integrations specific to your needs with the REST APIs, which will simplify the entire contract signing process for the whole organization.

Helps with Quick Business Decisions

Enforcing and completing business decisions undergo a prolonged phase where several contracts need to be signed and approved by multiple stakeholders for any decisions to move forward. Basically, if it takes time to sign and approve contracts in-person, the time it will take for the decision to be implemented into action will at least double.

Due to such formalities in suggesting an idea and implementing a decision, it has been observed that many ideas get lost in between every stage of the contract signing process. So, shortening the time gap between the approval of a decision and its deployment. Meaning you should leverage an electronic signature system like SutiSign to speed up the entire process with all formalities involved in the implementation of a decision.

With electronic signatures, each party involved can approve the decision and implement it by signing the contract quickly. This is one of the major reasons why eSignatures are being widely accepted by organizations in all industries as well as for individual usage.

A Broader Digital Transformation

As the electronic signature market continues to mature, many market leaders are developing solutions to give a broader scope of services and emphasize digital transformations. Key areas of focus include the flexibility of implementation options like private vs. public cloud access, on-premises, and signing processes and stronger authentication approaches.

Better Client Satisfaction

Keeping your clients satisfied is crucial for a business to run successfully. eSignature is one of the keys to achieve greater customer satisfaction rates. With the help of electronic signature software solutions, you are enabling clients to sign contracts from anywhere, anytime, by using any smart device. Truly evolving your business and the global marketplace as a whole.

The signing experience becomes more seamless and streamlined with electronic signature solutions. Your clients will certainly appreciate the ease of use when signing documents so easily online.

Deploying electronic signature solutions is critical for your business to thrive today. Once it the software is successfully implemented, it will deliver the best customer experience through a seamless process. Thus, now is the right time to update your office operations in order to stay ahead of the competition and invest in an electronic signature software solution.

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