How Instagram Can Be Used for SEO to Direct Web Traffic

Instagram has hit over 800 million active users per month and is easily one of the most influential social media platforms in existence. It doesn’t get a lot of attention from marketers, however, because they are still stuck with the holy trinity of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is sad because Instagram’s core audience is diverse and populous and it is a fantastic platform for you to reach out and attract potential customers. The defining feature of Instagram is the fact that until recently, it was a mobile-only platform, and even now, it is a mobile-first platform. All activities are performed through the mobile app, and all engagement is intimate and direct.

As with any SEO influencer, you will only be able to drive traffic and build ranks by increasing your influence on Instagram. You will have to attract followers, entice them to engage with you, and establish your presence in the community. If you’re wondering how you can get started, here’s how.

Networking Is Key

To establish a presence in any clique, you are expected to befriend the most influential members. The same applies to a huge social network like Instagram. You are expected to find relevant “influencers” profiles with large numbers of followers whom you might want to reach out to and convert into customers. You can skim the top posts and see who people are following. Once that is done, start engaging with them actively, and once a relationship has been established, you can get them to mention you as well, in posts, comments, and stories, and this will sway their audience your way.

Be Smart with Your Hashtags

The marketing world views hashtags with skepticism and for good reason. A well-used hashtag can get you a number of new viewers but people tend to use way too many of them too casually and that spoils the brand impression. This is slightly more relaxed on Instagram, though, but you should choose your hashtags very smartly. Do some research so that you don’t end up using something linked to another brand or with a hidden meaning you might regret. Consult for great recommendations.


There have been thousands of successful contests held in the past, and there are a number of well-implemented formats that you can follow to ensure your contest works as desired. You must spend a lot of time in the planning and structuring phase, though, because a failed contest is a pretty nasty thing to have in your portfolio. You should have tight rules and a solid prize offered to ensure it spreads like wildfire and earns you tons of followers.


Content is the top priority in any SEO strategy, but at first glance, you might be confused because Instagram wouldn’t let you use your traditional articles directly. So, you must let your customers’ cycle through your blog and Instagram effortlessly. Embed the feed on your blog, and the blog link in posts and your bio so that they can find their way whenever they would like to. If you use both platforms complementarily, things work wonderfully. It is also a good idea to focus on the community, get involved in events that the local audience might attend, and show that you are participating. Use city-specific hashtags and get involved in any way you can.

With some time and effort, you will not only have increased your social media influence but also will find that your rankings on search engines are shooting up organically, simply because you have announced yourself and shown your credentials.

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