Importance of AI in Education in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing every aspect of life. From its introduction on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp to giant AI tools, it has helped and eased different work. It is also changing the education field and holding a great opportunity. Different AI equipment, technologies, and tools are available for video creation, language translation, text-to-audio conversion, and the automation of several tasks, helping and transforming the education system.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of AI in education in 2024.

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Why is AI Important in Education?

The world is taking its way to becoming technologically advanced. Now, every student needs to learn more to succeed. They have lots of topics, syllabi, and concepts to cover. They must attend practical sessions and theoretical classes, give time for extracurricular activities and more. Teachers must also take a 360-degree approach while teaching and evaluating the students.

AI helps in executing several tasks effectively and efficiently. It assists the students, teachers, and school administration in numerous ways by crafting questions, generating educational content, evaluating students, and more to enhance the education system.

The AI promotes personalized, interactive, engaging, and collaborative learning.

Importance of AI in Education

AI is innovating the teaching and learning processes. It plays a pivotal role in the following:

Enhancing Learning Experience

AI enhances the learning experience for students. Different AI equipment, technologies, and tools assist the students and teachers during learning and teaching. AI chatbots like ChatGPT Gemini help students understand critical concepts, answer on-time queries, give details on certain topics, and make them learn and do challenging assignments and tasks. AI makes students confident while asking questions without any feeling of judgment, helping them understand and enhance their skills efficiently.

Supporting Teaching

AI supports and empowers teachers by easing their tasks such as lesson planning, mark grading, answer evaluation, and more. AI-empowered technology, such as interactive intelligent panels, facilitates teachers with different features such as:

  • Auto text recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Text to speech
  • Auto question & answer generation
  • Language Translation
  • & more

Promoting Personalised Learning

Many AI software programs help analyse the past performance of every student. Based on this, they recommend study materials such as notes, video content, etc. They also craft special assessments for each student to understand their learning ability, capacity to adapt new concepts and progress. Based on this analysis, AI software also helps teachers prepare lesson plans for particular students and encourages personalised learning.

Saving Time

AI automates repetitive tasks for teachers, administration, and students, such as grading, attendance tracking, assessment creation, essential feedback generation, resource recommendations, assigning tasks, sending reminders, scheduling appointments, managing student records, etc. Automation in these tasks assists the stakeholders in saving their time and investing them in other significant operations.

Transforming Examination Process

The significant change AI has brought to the education system is to the examination process. It has encouraged schools and academic centres to conduct cheating-free examinations remotely. The AI-powered exam portals keep eyes on students while taking exams,  evaluate answers, grade them and schedule student exams on time. The AI also helps create question papers by taking care of difficulty level, type of exams, standard, and other set categories.

How to Incorporate AI in Education?

Schools, colleges, teachers, personal educators, and parents can incorporate AI for education at their level. Various AI-powered technologies are available to make the education system advanced and more tech-friendly.

Interactive Intelligent Panel

An interactive intelligent panel is an advanced electronic device that transforms classroom teaching with AI capability. It is a giant tablet equipped with AI functionality. It operates like a giant computer and equips you with multi-canvas, live internet connection, and artificial intelligence features. Some of the key AI features are:

  • Converting handwritten text into computer-generated text
  • Reciting the documents for you and your students
  • Helping you create mathematical dimensions conveniently
  • Generating content on a given topic for explanation
  • Translating one language to over 20+ languages.

AI-Powered Software

Another way to equip the education system with AI is to adapt the AI-powered software for school and exam management. Several AI-powered school management tools are available to handle various administrative tasks efficiently. These software solutions assist in tracking student attendance, managing student records, handling teacher payroll, overseeing library operations, and more. Schools can save time, reduce staff costs, and enhance overall management efficiency by automating these processes.

Giving Students Access to AI

To learn and leverage the AI students requires its access. Teachers and parents can ensure that the child can access AI for learning. However, they track children’s activity using AI software, especially when they are under 14. Certain AI platforms easily on the internet, such as ChatGpt, Bard, etc., assist students in researching, understanding specific topics, learning concepts, and asking queries.

What are the Challenges with AI in Education?

There are certain challenges in implementing AI in education.

  1. Data Privacy and Security

One of the significant issues with the advancement of technology is the threat to privacy. AI implementation in schools and colleges must ensure the security of students’ data.

  • Biassed Guidance

AI primarily works based on data. Biases in existing data and training may reflect the result of AI-based education. Fairly trained AI is essential for the education system.

  • Digital Divide

Only some people, schools, and students can afford digital devices to leverage AI-based education facilities.  This financial gap among different groups of classes may result in a digital divide.

  • Loss of Creativity & Innovation

Since AI performs numerous tasks efficiently, individuals stop thinking creatively, losing creative and innovative skills.

  • Skill Gap

AI facilitates a technologically advanced education system, promoting futuristic skills. It may create a skill gap between students relying on the traditional education system.

However, despite these consequences, AI is important for education because of its numerous benefits. Interactive intelligent panels help quickly incorporate AI benefits into the education system.

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