How To Send Messages and Transfer Files From Over LAN

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Using the Internet to communicate with your team leaves you open to multiple vectors of attack. Online services with multiple integrations may present security vulnerabilities for your organization. These services can be tracked by third-parties and may be susceptible to hacking or viruses.

Small businesses put themselves and their customers at risk when they rely on these services. You can secure your team's communications and file transfers using a LAN network for communication. LAN communication offers secure transmission that does not need the Internet to work.

What is Softros LAN Messenger?

Softros LAN messenger  is an offline messaging app that allows users to chat and transfer files with users on the same network. It is available for Windows PC, macOS, and Android smartphones. Messages can be sent to a group, broadcast to everyone on the network, or individual users as private messages.

Much of the security provided by Softros messenger works because it is an offline messenger. File transfers are more secure because the files are sent using your intranet infrastructure and are never uploaded to a server somewhere on the Internet.

Securing Communications & Sending Files

LAN chat and file transfer using the app is handled using your local network, rather than connecting through the Internet. You can chat and send files with users on the app even if the connection to the outside Internet is down.

Communications are secure, and a history viewer allows past conversations and files to be recalled at will. All chats and communications are secured with AES-256 encryption and operate with a serverless architecture.

Messages on the platform can be public or private. Group messaging allows you to organize your business into teams. Broadcasting messages will send a message to the entire group or the whole organization.

Desktop Sharing

Softros messaging app also features desktop sharing, which cuts the need for third-party software installed on PCs. Enabling this feature lets users remotely control another user's PC with their permission. The feature is useful for troubleshooting problems or to observe and discuss the project with remote team members.

Desktop sharing requires permission from the user sharing their desktop, but these requests can only be sent by someone on the network. One issue that arises when using third-party software is scammers and hackers may send a third-party request to an employee. If an employee accepts the request, hackers now have control over all sensitive data on their work station.

Supported Systems

Softros LAN messenger is a serverless system, meaning it requires no dedicated server to run on your network. It can be installed on any PC or Android device. Some of the functions supported by the messenger include the Microsoft Active Directory and the Citrix/Microsoft terminal services. XenApp and RemoteApp application virtualization technologies are also supported.

Additional Features

Aside from providing a secure way to communicate and send files, Softros messenger also has a few extra features built-in.

* Network-wide Group Policy Deployment - The software and its licenses can be deployed across the network through Group Policy.

* Import, Export and Configure User Settings - Softros allows you to automate the distribution of network settings, user groups, license files, administrative restriction, and more.

* Restrict User Access - Administrators can restrict features available to regular users, defining which employees have access to certain features. Don't want everyone to have access to desktop sharing? No problem, disable it.

* LAN, WAN, VPN, and VLAN Support - Softros Messenger can link to your company locations or subnets to connect different branches together.

Download Softros Messenger

If you care about the security and privacy of your small business communications, download Softros messenger today and give it a try to see if it is the perfect secure communications tool for your team or organization.

The messenger is available with a full-featured free trial, so you can test how it works for your company. The serverless architecture with no dedicated server required makes it easy to deploy.

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