How to Manage Dell EMC Unity Storage for VMware

As we come to grips with the digital age; more and more people are having to manage more and more data on a daily basis. As time passes, more complex storage systems need to be developed. We start stacking up our operating systems to cope with the workload and the sheer volume of data… eventually, humanity developed the VMware workstation to cope with the volume. Now how the hell does it all work?

What is VMware and Why do you need it?

VMware is actually a subsidiary of Dell, so straight away you know that this software has been designed to flow together with the EMC storage. What does VMware do? Well it uses a hypervisor to sort of split the operating system processes of a PC. This means that you can effectively run more than one Operating System but all on the same server.

VMware specifically allows you to layer up virtual machines for better management of data. It is known as ‘VM’ because it essentially creates a virtual representation of another machine, in the cyber world. If you would like to know more about VMware you can find out through their website.

What is Dell EMC Unity Storage?

Dell EMC Unity Software is one of Dell’s middle-of-the-range storage solutions. These were designed to help businesses everywhere manage data storage in a more effective manner.

Bringing Dell EMC Unity and VMware Together (Successfully)

So how do you bring Dell Unity and VMware together in perfect harmony? Follow this guide:

  1. Select the storage option from the dashboard of your UnityVSA web console.
  2. Select VMware and the wizard should start.
  3. The wizard will give you a variety of options, depending on what your storage capabilities are.
  4. Select your desired datastore, providing a name and description that will remind yourself later.
  5. Select the storage pool you would like to allocate.
  6. Under ‘Access’ you can choose which hosts may use this particular datastore.
  7. Under ‘Snapshot’ you can manage the disks in the UnityVSA.
  8. You will have the option to sync if you want to.
  9. The wizard will then ask you to review all of your settings before you confirm your choices.

If you have followed these steps, you should be able to see your new datastore after a few moments. If you come out of setup and browse the VMware vCentre you should be able to see, manage, and use the new storage. This should make all of your EMC Unity problems successfully disappear; but don’t forget that you can always call in the experts if you are still struggling.

EMC Unity and VMware are supposed to make your business life easier. If this isn’t the case for you, then Spectra can help.

EMC Storage, by Spectra

Here at Spectra we know everything there is about managing Dell EMC Unity Storage for VMware – and we are happy to help you get to grips with this system. Please visit our website here, for more information or to purchase some of our deluxe repurposed EMC storage units, today.

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