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A lot of individuals who look for jobs think about jobs at the airport as well. But not all of them are aware of what line to choose and how to proceed further to get the job. The aviation industry has been connecting the world as well as businesses and progressing each day. It has been contributing to the economy immensely by creating jobs.

The opportunities in Indian airline jobs are immense. There is much more to the aviation industry than just the pilot and air hostess job that most people are aware of.

So if you are looking forward to starting a career in the airline sector, you can pursue the courses listed below and gain expertise and knowledge. You can join these courses right after class 12th.

Diploma in Airport Management

With a duration of one year, a diploma in airport management is all about dealing with the technical details that one should be aware of. The course covers airport strategy and functioning, management and handling of cargo, management of safety and security as well as staff management.

BBA in Airport Management

A three-year undergraduate management program, BBA in Airport Management allows you to specialize in a certain discipline or area. It focuses on teaching the running as well as the management of an airport. The course teaches you about safety management, marketing, human resource management, accounting, financial management, etc. You can start your career after this course as an Airport Manager, Staff Manager, Administrator or safety officer.

Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training

From being trained as air hostess, a front end office operator to steward on flights, a diploma in ground staff and cabin crew training covers it all. The duration of the course is different in various institutes. Some institutes offer the course for a duration of 6 months, while others offer it for one year. The course sharpens your communication skills, gives you flight training, safety, and first aid procedures as well as in-flight training.

Aeronautical Engineering

A BE or BTech degree in Aeronautical Engineering is a technical course for a duration of 4 years. With this degree, you can land a job in the aviation sector where you will be responsible for designing, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft.

To be able to join this course, you should have passed class 12th in the science stream.

Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

Almost every functioning sector requires a hospitality team to take care of the hospitality needs. The aviation sector is no different. The sector also needs skilled professionals who can take care of the hospitality needs of the aviation sector. The team is needed since hospitality is an indispensable element. Diploma in aviation hospitality is a course of 1-year duration. And you can land jobs like cabin crew, office operators, ground staff, etc.

Commercial Pilot Training

The last but certainly not the least of all the options that we talk about in this article is that of the commercial pilot. The job of a commercial pilot is the most impressive job for a lot of individuals. In fact, once you complete the training of a commercial pilot, you are sure to land a great job. The course involves theoretical study as well as practical training. And by the end of the course, the candidate is awarded the Commercial Pilot License.

The aviation industry is on the path of growing at a tremendous rate and pace. Studies have shown that by 2036, the air transport will support approximately 97.8 million jobs globally. And to be a part of this industry, you need to learn skills and be best in everything you do. Remember, not everyone is made for every job. But if you learn the skills, you can prosper in any field that you want to.


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