How to Improve Social Media Presence

Every business nowadays has to have social media accounts just because of the benefits social media offers. Billions of people use social media every day, and you have all social media channels to your advantage and bring new customers to your business. Social media management has become a full-time job position in many companies which proves the importance of the job. However, social media is not just regular every-day posting on your profiles and it requires skill and knowledge to achieve something bigger.

Since you want your business to be represented on social media platforms, you have to build it in a way that is appealing to users. Brand awareness is also very important, especially in your online presence. The image that your company represents on every online platform is directly connected to the success of your company.

In this article, we will go through some of the necessary steps that will help you improve your social media presence.

  1. Start with goals

You think that goals are becoming clichés and it is obvious to have one. However, you do not need any goal, you will need a specific, measurable, achievable and relevant goal in order to run a successful social media profiles. You should be smart with setting up your goals and provide ways to achieve them.

  1. What is your target audience?

It is necessary to understand your audience and to know what kind people are you talking to. The more you know about your audience, the more engagement, impact and success you will get. There are many brands that failed with their social media just because they targeted the wrong audience. You should get information like:

  • When your users are most active to determine the posting schedule
  • What type of content do they like and react to
  • What do they expect from you and how to provide that
  1. Be Human

This is also a very important step. Nobody wants to communicate with a robot so do not make the mistake by posting something with zero emotions, personality or character. Your audience wants to know about your business in order to create a relationship, but you have to provide that with care. Many brands started using humor in their social media profiles and the results are incredible boosting their engagement.

  1. Go for Relationships, Not Followers

The number of followers is meaningless if they are not the right people who might be interested in your business. Look at it this way, it is better to show your posts to 10 people and 3 of them become your customers, rather than show it to thousands and no one interacts.

Make it easy for them to contact you, chat with your audience, leave comments and etc. all this are acts for creating long-lasting relationships.

  1. Use Automatization smart

Many businesses think that they could create a number of posts, put them on autopilot and the job is done. We could only wish it is that easy. It is understandable that it is difficult to follow 4-5 social media accounts every day, but try to create short period post automatization and that way you can easily change something up or follow a new trend that is happening online.

  1. Do not try to sell to hard

People nowadays are getting ads on every single smart device throughout the day, and they can’t stand it anymore. That is why it is more important to focus on your brand and building relationships with your audience by helping or engaging, rather than to show ads that want to sell to people. This way you might get fewer customers but they will be long-lasting.

  1. Optimize your posts for engagement

Your post should be designed that provokes some emotion or feeling for the person looking at it. Your social media engagement is very important for the success of your online presence, which is why you have to try very hard to convince users to comment, share, like and etc. You can do this by asking questions, showing nostalgic images, making polls.

For example, if you run a sports social media account, you should run a poll to ask your audiencewho is like to win the next match in the football odds. In other words, do not forget the voice of your audience.

These are some simple methods that will expand your social media coverage and improve your presence. There are a lot of methods out there which you can use, but the most important thing is to let your brand speak for itself and make your audience number one priority.

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