How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed By Companies

Most aggressive professionals today own a LinkedIn account. These accounts are designed to increase visibility to prospective employers. However, most people set up bare minimum profiles. They manage to get just a handful connections from within their circles. A small percentage would make an effort to strategically connect to individuals and companies of their interests.

According to Search Remotely, having an optimized LinkedIn profile is the best strategy to stay unique to the competition and get recognized by companies for job opportunities. A proper brand is created at this point. A properly set brand makes marketing easier thus giving companies a reason to learn about you.

Invite people to your Network

A dormant profile will barely attract any traffic. Inviting people to join your connection opens up a pool of new connections from their network. According to Forbes, LinkedIn visibility is brought about by more connections.

People enjoy being motivated once in a while. A motivational quote or paragraph especially on Monday mornings gives some people the energy to keep going. Keep the quotes consistent and you could easily attract a group of people mostly working in various organizations.

Promote upcoming webinars, conferences or events that interest you. Before you post such, consider the people in your network and whether these may interest them too. This results in people of similar interests starting to notice your content. This might make them be interested in working online with you.

Create SEO Friendly BIO

LinkedIn is a web-based platform accessible in various search engines. Most search engines have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that allows for surfing of keywords by the platform users.

According to Forbes, one should consider their skills, talents and interests before creating a LinkedIn profile. These will form the basis for unique words and anachronisms during a google search. A finance practitioner, for example, should include ‘Financial Analyst’ in his profile bio. This will enable companies searching for a financial analyst to easily identify them.

Join Professional Groups

The larger the number of groups you have joined, the greater your chances of getting a larger network of connections. Companies you are interested in working for may be part of the connections. However, joining a group and remaining dormant is not sufficient to get you noticed.

Active participation through active article posting is among one of the many ways you can stay relevant in the group. Actions such as articles sharing portrays the great passion you have in that particular field. Write original content or articles using LinkedIn publisher. These articles are usually shared with the entire LinkedIn community.

In addition, make a point to contribute to discussions in the groups. Whenever you come across an interesting discussion you can contribute to, join in the conversation and share your thoughts. Your contribution will help the group attain an informed conclusion while equally portraying you as an expert in the area.

Fill out the summary section

This section is used to outline an individual’s profile in brief. A user’s achievements, goals, ambitions and objectives are normally summarized in this section. According to CNBC, a LinkedIn profile with a well-explained level of experience, career motivation and skills is more likely to attract a prospective company to you, either for business or an employment opportunity. LinkedIn also reported that most recruiting companies refer to this section when looking for potential employees.

Recruit 3rd Party Testimony

Securing a trusted circle of colleagues, friends and peers is a priceless resource for any LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has an endorsement section created purposely to work as a profile billboard of one’s skills, qualifications, talents and hobbies.

A profile endorsement primarily appears in your account under the endorsement section. This creates a good marketing strategy as an individual perusing their profile might see the endorsement on your profile. It is from such endorsements that companies get to recognize your skill-set and capabilities as verified independently by others.

A LinkedIn profile represents a person’s brand or identity on the platform. A brand in any fair market requires utmost marketing before it can be noticed. The same law applies to a LinkedIn profile. The more your profile is strategically positioned with the relevant people following, the greater your chances of getting noticed by companies.

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