How To Expand Your Business Through Events

Would you like to generate more leads? Are you still passionate about your business goals for the year? Do you want to retain your top customers and talent? Events are incredible flexible that can accommodate your business goals helping your make end returns. Trust me, there’s never been a good time to invest in events to expand your business. There are numerous ways to use events to measure your return on investment (ROI).

Here’s a quick outline on how you can use different types of events to expand your business as a method for measuring the ROI.

  1. Boost Service and Product Awareness

Events that are experiential in like manners such as product activation, and brand awareness are key ways to boost awareness about your service or product. The pivotal key to experiential events is to make them engaging, memorable and unique. Although experiential events can be expensive, however, you can still organize a smaller scale event that is quite affordable and yet goes viral. For example, to promote the grand launch of Game of Thrones final season, some platforms such as Blinkbox placed a 9 foot tall, 40-foot long dragon skull on a beach. The story went gained coverage and went viral worldwide. The idea is whatever the budget of your experiential event is, public awareness is key.

  1. Leads Generation Through Expo or Trade-show

Truth is, all around the world, there are a lot of industry-specific exhibitions, conferences, and trade show where you can exhibit or present your service or product. Some of these events are profitable for your niche, social media, attendance, and digital coverage is quite alarming, seen as a sign of prestige. Even if you can’t afford a stand, sponsorship package or a booth, you can help your business goals by purchasing a regular ticket. In a bid to maximize such platform, you can use software for event organization as a tool for competitor analysis, networking or for just a satisfactory observation for upcoming trends in your niche. To measure ROI in an event like a trade fair or an expo is to observe how many leads were generated. Calculate the projected value. Be keen on following up the leads. Put them through your sales funnel. Always understand that referrals from events are a good way to expand your business.

  1. Expansion Through Training and Lecture

A good way to expand your business through an event is to maximize existing client base. You can market your product or service by offering value in the form of a business seminar, training or lecture talking about your niche. Of course, your training doesn’t have to be massive like Google, however, affordable, so as to bring rapid funnels of sales and expand your business. Create a community feeling. Inspire and give them tools on how to use your product hands-on.

  1. Convey a Brand Message

Events are an incredible platform for any business to reinforce s brand message. Lifestyle and fashion brands are huge proponents of launch parties and related events that speak the value of their product or brand. If your brand is a B2B company, then, it should be thoughtfully used to convey a brand message by gathering experts in your field to help boost your brand.

  1. Retention

You can maximize events to improve your retention rates by using the platforms as a way of saying “thank you”. Your clients feel special that way and would want to engage you in subsequent work. Always make your clients feel special.


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