How to Decide When and Where to Publish Content

Do you know what distinguishes a great blogger from a good one? The answer is a great blogger is aware of the right timing and platform to publish their content. Most of these experts know which material to post immediately and which ones should be on hold.  

A blogger may have top-notch and commendable content; however, it doesn’t mean the owner should publish the material to every site available online. Yes, most content marketers know the more content you post, the better. 

Even so, do you know the appropriate timing and placeto share them? Continue reading this article and learn how to decide when and where to publish your content.

Where Can You Publish Content?

Once you already created the content you want to share with your clients, here are some excellent places you can publish them:

1. Your Own Website

Look at your site as your number 1 platform. See to it you broaden and develop it—if not daily,then weekly. Remember,creating blogs can enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) when you utilize keywords the correct way. Moreover, when you generate long-form materials.

When you produce content on your website, it will allow you to place vital call-to-action that can potentially increase your conversions and bring in leads.

2. Authoritative Platforms

Publishing your content on authoritative platforms shows your clients you’re an expert in your field. Most of all, it allows you to reach a wider audience. When you post on websites such as LinkedIn, Huffpost, or Medium,you’re not only informing readers about a topic, but also demonstrating your expertise by delivering your content on a reputable outlet.

3. Niche Sites

Meanwhile, guest bloggingin niche sites is an excellent avenue for you to establish your authority on numerous topics. However, you’ll need to look for platforms with the right audience for you to do this.

You can discover potential sites by performing a keyword search utilizing terms from your market then combining it with ‘guest blogger’ or ‘guest post.’The result will provide you with publications or websites most likely accepting guest writers in that particular industry. Or, if, for instance, you’re in pharmaceutical marketing, aside from conducting research, you can likewise seek the services of experts to do this task for you.

Furthermore, when you guest post on niche sites, it’s a nifty way to interact with other content marketers in your chosen field. Networking with seasoned professionals is a terrific opportunity for you to seek advice on common issues you might be encountering.

When Can You Publish Content?

Now that you know the best places to publish your content, the next question is when should you post your material?

1. Weekly

When determining your content schedule, it’s best to be realistic in the frequency of your posting. Though publishing three to ten blogs per day is an optimal strategy, if you can only afford one to two posts every week, make sure you consistently do it. Remember, keeping a steady pace is crucial as your audience can quickly lose interest. 

2. Daily

Besides weekly posting, novice bloggers can likewise publish one content per day. Regularly postingdaily content can helpyoucreate a reader base and bring you momentum. In case you require assistance to produce quality content, you can always hire agencies or freelancers to create well-written content for you.

Furthermore, recycling old materials can help you fill gaps in your content schedule. If you have evergreen materials, these are amazing content you can reuse. So, consider revising old articles and updating them. It’s a great way to improve traffic as your frequent readers rediscover these materials.

It’s also a chance to strengthen your SEO since Google up-rates articles that it had initially listed as dated. Still, keep in mind, though, that quality is always essential than quantity. If you can combine the two, then great—but if not, it’s best to prioritize valuable content.


Remember, the success of content will depend on when and where you publish your material. Even if you have awesome content, but if the timing and platform you choose to post your material are unsuitable, your efforts can go to waste. 

Understand that while you can post some blogs on your own website, some are ideal for publishing as a guest post on other social media or authoritative platforms. It can be a challenge to produce quality content and, at the same time, find your momentum.

However, with a little brainstorming, planning, and organizing, you can search for the right outlet for your readers and gain success. 

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